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June 2013


The Lost generation? NOT Lost Indeed!

How can a Generation, be dubbed Lost… indeed! When they were born in the INFORMATION AGE, and can vividly see! Everything around them.. IS Informing in bits n bites! Giving them spherical view, formulating a Global insight! To be A better generation…somewhat  passive…they might seem! Passive to you, but angry , with what?  Now just heed.. What they know, WOULD make any INSTTUTION Political or Economic want to run, hide and  ...


How could the ” Lost Generation” as dubbed, be the “The Inspiring Generation ” ‘born’ in the Crisis?

The current news today, in the light of the Brussel’s conference of European Union held today  and tomorrow 28th-29th June 2013: the topic of discussion is the unemployment rate of young people between the ages of 18 and 25, known as the “Lost Generation of the EU” and their concerns of austerity imposed leading them to extremism and away from mainstream politics; thus, the conference is looking forward to combined efforts  ...

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Remembering …pictures and words you had said and.. wanted to say…but were never heard.

This is a poem I had written when I was told of the passing of my beautiful Aunt and your mother .I cried and felt astranged from happiness and saddness that usually is shared amongst families. It is sad when a family memeber passes away. I would like to thank a dear friend of mine, whom I have known since we were both in Australia, who just wrote to me here on face book about the sad news of my Aunt Mary’s passing away 1934-2012. She  ...


“Swapping tactics at ERT~trigger the Cassandras~alas, the government does not heed! “

Are the “Swapping tactics” of personnel at ERT the solution Sir? What is the plan to help Greece to recovery? Put your ear to the ground, the ground is shaking, if the voice of Greece is heeded???     The story is, that the government have DEMANDED that the professional working staff and specialised staff, who have inherited the honour of being incharge of the archives of the historical cultural ark of Greece, to  ...


ERT’s National Broadcasting frequencies to be stripped from a Nation…’gagging Democracy’!

The rapid course of events in Greece, have never before occured in the Democratic world. The National broadcasting frequencies that have always been part of a nation’s window to the world. These frequencies, are to be layed in the hands of a private companies, taken away from the legal ownership of a nation. how can that be?   We recently were told by an OTE technician on ERT last week on the forum of discussions at ERT studios,  ...

Articles, Poems

Thessaloniki under the Illuminating Moon of the June Sun!

The view of Thessaloniki from the train had me feeling wonderful. Sure, it looks like most cities in Greece, however , if visited a unique charcter would be felt and seen.   After my 6 hour journey from Athens, a trail of movement led me to exiting the station. So, much absorbed so soon! My attention was drawn to smell! The aroma of ‘Bogatsa with Cream and Bougatsa with cheese’, tempted my taste buds. Sure, both blended in  ...


Breaking News…On the first day of Summer …before the light of the June moon!

Breaking news: This afternoon at 12.30pm it was announced on air at radio stations that the Department of Treasury of the Government in Greece has ordered the ERT Megaro to be vacated. All Journalist that were sacked on ERT’s closure on Tuesday 11th June 2013 and who have remained at their positions operating the broadcast of culture and open forums of discussion on air to date, have been ordered to leave the building. The citizens who  ...


Discussions at on air Democratic forums in Athens…Greed V’s Creed !

Breaking news: What will happen with the archives of ERT if the professional staff are DEMANDED to leave the Megaro of ERT? How would ”the newly appointed staff” by the govenment, be able to manage the archives, that cover a historical record of Greece, over the past 75 years of cultural existence? This is a fear that is being expressed this evening. (Fear is felt)   The reason why, this has been reposted, is simply to  ...



Give me a picture for me to see… It will talk and even dance with me! It will explode and enter every chamber of my mind.. Triggering feelings of it… Creaiting ideas to  define! The words spoken to me by this picture at hand.. Are a thousand and one… That pour like water in the palm of your hand! You feel those words… How could that be? With a different description of the picture… From a another eye, you see!



Ecological solutions for energy and industry is called for; Governments working together… To assure changes in reforming practises, we can all see!  Duscussions today on ERT by European representative voice this very clearly!To work on how to achieve eco economic policies is called for…Rather than seeking to reform societies …is understood by all alike!   So that cean democracies can exist…If all professions are  ...