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June 25, 2013


ERT’s National Broadcasting frequencies to be stripped from a Nation…’gagging Democracy’!

The rapid course of events in Greece, have never before occured in the Democratic world. The National broadcasting frequencies that have always been part of a nation’s window to the world. These frequencies, are to be layed in the hands of a private companies, taken away from the legal ownership of a nation. how can that be?   We recently were told by an OTE technician on ERT last week on the forum of discussions at ERT studios,  ...

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Thessaloniki under the Illuminating Moon of the June Sun!

The view of Thessaloniki from the train had me feeling wonderful. Sure, it looks like most cities in Greece, however , if visited a unique charcter would be felt and seen.   After my 6 hour journey from Athens, a trail of movement led me to exiting the station. So, much absorbed so soon! My attention was drawn to smell! The aroma of ‘Bogatsa with Cream and Bougatsa with cheese’, tempted my taste buds. Sure, both blended in  ...