The current news today, in the light of the Brussel’s conference of European Union held today  and tomorrow 28th-29th June 2013: the topic of discussion is the unemployment rate of young people between the ages of 18 and 25, known as the “Lost Generation of the EU” and their concerns of austerity imposed leading them to extremism and away from mainstream politics; thus, the conference is looking forward to combined efforts within the EU, of implementing a scheme to ensure young people have access education and training, or even rellocation to other countries seeking employment. Surely, something should be done by the EU to support and sustain the other EU memebers in the light of the Crisis.


The figures of unemployment of 5.6 million in the European Union, are just as dismal as are the facts that lead to this monetary economic crisis. The youth unemployment is the topic at the top of the conference agenda: In Europe, 26% sought employment in April, while in the same period 56%  did the same in Spain and a staggering 60% as in Greece. The profile of this “Lost Generation” can not be paralleled to any periods of Depression  or even Recession in the 1890’s , 1930’s and even the 1980’s.”What will the ‘lost generation’s stand be towards European Solidarity?” asks Mr. Nils Muiznieks of the Human Rights Commission for the council of Europe. Mr. Laszio Andor, the EU commissioner for employment, social  affairs and inclusion said :”the richer nations should help the pooer ones to recovery.”


The profile of  Unemployed Greek young people, are ususally University Graduates in specialised areas, others are College graduates and many are high school graduates, who due to the fact they could not seek further education opted to seeking employment. Personally, they are ideal employees who are more than willing to work very hard for a living, simply due to the fact that they have a specialised sensitivity in doing things right, through the knowlege they possess. However, in the light of hard hit recession and austerity measures, have seen businesses shut down Throughout the North of Greece, throughout the mainland and even the islands. The only viable industry being the tourist industry on the islands. 


Thus, to help the young generation in becoming the “Inspiring Generation” with ideals that the past generation seemed to have missed in their up bringing, a building process of re evaluation is needed in these difficult times. As we know, unemployment is the seed to unrest. To avoid social unrest and the loss of faith in democratic values, the EU have sought to lay down a draft of conclusions of the summit, accelorating the implementation of a scheme to ensure young people do have access to education and training with in 4 months of losing their jobs or leaving school after, their secondary education. They have also sought to implement reforms in the labour market and even to formulate policies to  help people to move country to seek employment. ” We have to resolve the underlying financial crisis and return to sustainable growth” said: Mr. Andor “Without this all actions simply provide temporary relief.”

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