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June 12, 2013

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The Apple falls under the apple tree..gets eaten by a bird..and the seed rolls onto the pavement!

What happens… When a seed hits the pavement And rolls in a crack.. Can’t be seen! It is then watered.. Some how..for a seed Will never say It was water by a can.. Or by nature..some how in every way! (sometimes , us mum’s feel like this.. hang on!) It might, just remember ..a grey cloud.. leaving a drop of H2O.. Somewhere in that dirt or sand.. Thunder was heard.. nothing spectacular..nothing grand!.. (when does a teen  ...

Articles, Poems

Times are Changing..’n’ so are we!

Yesterday, was a day of trekking and trailing Down Town. I often do that- I love walking in the City were I live and love to feel what is happening…Listening to people… watching them in their every day activities…perceiving what is to be perceived! Normal, you might think! It is, it is never a dull moment and believe me, it helps thinking as you stride in your steps.   Living Up Town , like in any city, is very much  ...