The rapid course of events in Greece, have never before occured in the Democratic world. The National broadcasting frequencies that have always been part of a nation’s window to the world. These frequencies, are to be layed in the hands of a private companies, taken away from the legal ownership of a nation. how can that be?


We recently were told by an OTE technician on ERT last week on the forum of discussions at ERT studios, that “our nation’s tele-communications have been privatised and are now run by a German company”  this landed like a shock on people. Now in the light of the government’s handling the ‘hot issue’ of what to do with ERT, it was announced on ERT’s broad cast forum, that ‘our nation’s radio-television frequencies of ERT are to be handed to Digita’, a private company legally bound it own interests in broadcasting and not legally bound to the Nation’s interests. Thus, all income received through the televising of major sports events, documentaries and what so ever, will be part of a company’s income rather that a nation’s.This decission had caused a rift in the coalition government in Greece.


Today, the new government is being swarn in to continue with the course of what is to be implimented with the shutting down of ERT. It is to impliment the decission it had made on Friday 21st June 2013, in demanding ‘ERT to be evacuated’ by all in its compound.


The issue, that tauments democracy regarding the shutting down and privatising ERT, is  that Greece is being ‘robbed’ the cultural voice and the identity of  its people; an issue that has never occured to any country in the world. ‘Greece is an experiment’ and now, people throughout the world have woken to the threat. The so called ‘battle’ of this ‘economic war’, on the ‘Voice of a nation’ is done through the strategic economic planning over years leading to an increase in the standards of living, then creating a ‘black hole ‘for a nation to fall in, leading to depression  and allowing for political institutions to be to take measures ‘surrendering’ to multinational economic institutions. 


It can be said, that the psychological taument, of the insecurity created in the social-economic environment: with unemployment growing in the private sector; with companies closing and now with more redundancies and closures the public sector; is creating an further dispair to be felt in a Greece. As for the government with a call for 3 thousand public servants, inorder to allow for the govenment to negotiate, yet again , more funding from the Troica are events that have been occuring at such a rapid rate, that will be leading to a’ legal genecide’ in the light of  people trying to survive under austerity measures, with no work nor money to do so. The past couple of years saw 4 thousand comit suicide, what will happen in the next couple of years? Is this legal? MERCY!


That is what the Greek people have to deal with. It seems that the ‘shutting down’ of ERT, done on the 11th June 2013 had seen a number of events leading to the ‘gagging’ of Democracy.

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Complete silence deafens our world! ~~E.R.T. Should not be gagged nor cut!!

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