War is Ugly! However, is there a sinister plan behind everything we are experiencing. Please correct me if I am wrong, at this stage. These people, who are part of a Humanitarian crisis caused by wars, are just being fed-no other programmes of activity nor vocational guidance is instigated-yet. Technology has advanced to the extent of monitoring and registering them through the use of a scanning device so that they would receive food. Why has not technology nor the ‘brain tanks’ behind this Humanitarian Crisis thought of doing something constructive rather than something that in time is destructively passive? I do not know, do you?
Food is important to these people, so is work and, a sense of belonging, so is an education for the young, so is medical care, and so is having a home, isn’t it?. The most important thing in a person is a routine that enables them to dream and to materialize the dreams woven into their lives. How are all these Non-Profit Organizations and EU Authorities that distribute this money through banks and debit cards not thought of Returning these people to their homelands and helping them build their homes? How have we as the human race on this planet not stopped these wars that we know are being instigated for the acquisition of Natural Resources by creating chaos in different Nations so strategically connected with each other?
Why is there such a mentality that these people will not return to their homes? They once had money. They had a livelihood. They had savings. They had dreams. Now nothing. Is this the only way they can be helped?
What intentions are there behind the sovereignty of their torn up Nations? Why hasn’t the UN pushed to stop the ‘Lords of War’ that supply factions and groups to continue fighting. It is well realized by the world in general that two worlds are being created. A world living off handouts and demolished dreams and a world that pulls the strings. Is this the future we want? Correct me if I am wrong.

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