About Me

I was born and raised in a country which was and is multicultural that I truly love and respect…

As a child, I remember diving into the ocean waves and feeling the sun on my back and the taste of salt on my lips as the cool crisp Ocean breeze tantalized me encouraging me to seek life with energy and zest! I have lived for a number of years on one of the Gems of the Aegean and only recently moved to the city.

I write and love writing.

I write poems, articles, interviews and stories as a freelance journalist for Greece and Australia. Historical research into Military History concerning the role of Australia, New Zealand and Greece in WW1 and WW2 from a perspective never seen before is my aim in writing through poetry and special feature articles as a freelance research journalist for Australia. ‘ Living history’ on the ground in Greece has also urged me to look at current socioeconomic issues concerning human rights women and children’s rights in society are issues I write about. Articles, stories and interviews report on current events in Athens for English readers

My blog aims to present issues in a fresh new way.

It aims to attract people from all walks of life and education levels. It has the objective of stimulating thinking and show how others live life. It is written by an individual who loves life and respects humane values in a society that embraces human rights and respects children.