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In Loving memory of Mum and family.

It is like opening your eyes and hearing her… and closing your eyes and seeing her… It is the pain felt after feeling all the joy you have ever felt when giving her a surprise… Remembering her smile as in the morning  as in the day you dive… running for the door with a piece of toast in your hand… rushing for the bus… then watching her stand… It is remembering the trust in you she always had.. when  ...

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Destination: Freedom!

The banks of the river determined my destination… The thought of crossing the torrent… Made me stand still in my stride… The wonder of Freedom was my fascination… Together with the values, I hold with pride! Why are people forced to flee their homelands of complication… Seeking a better world as they stride… Confronting a river bank that leads to a destination… Not knowing what would be sought on the  ...

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The Dove overlooking the Acropolis.

  Ahh! The Dove overlooking the Acropolis, Is, indeed, a good sign. As I quietly watch it with a sigh. Knowing what Greece has gone through and is still going through as it seems, The future is bound to be good as Nature deems. With this Dove there is hope, For more than we have to persevere with and cope. Knowing we are doing our best to survive, Is the sign read with this Dove on our side. So read those signs and dream your dreams, Of  ...


The nurses of Lemnos, in 1915.

A poem about the Anzac nurses, the silent heroes. The ‘ Barest essentials’ were the lot… T’was all these nurses had relied on, to do the job.. Of caring and tending to those wounds… That were so penetrated by those ‘machine guns of doom’… Testing the ‘Brave hearts’of the Diggers so soon! In Life they were all tested… ‘Choosing Humane Values’ that in them were  ...


The Australia’s Ae2 submarine.

A poem about the Ae2 Australian’s pride in 1915. Indeed they will be remembered… For their leadership at the ‘Great War”. When the Navy of ‘a New Nation’… Loyally pledged its support. At a moment in time then when… ‘The Mother Country’ sounded those bells. They chimed in time to the beat of the war drum.. Beat, beat, beating off to the Dardanelles. The AE2 followed… A New  ...


Zeus International Martial Arts Academy.

      Martial Arts, is a way of life… Of the VALUES, you have and up hold! It has never been a ‘Macho~Thing’  More like a STRENGTH from WITHIN, I am told! It is a world of EXPLORATION, of the Mind… That dresses the SKILLS, all in Time.. To further encounter the BODY”s Balance and Beat… To the sound of Harmony, so complete! It opens WINDOWS, with a view… Of How life is lived, if you were to  ...

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An article and Poetry: “The wind Festival at Bondi!”

‘The Wind Festival’ held at Bondi Beach yesterday, celebrated the coming of Spring. It was wonderful to see that it brought people together from different cultures under the same banner: “Spring is here ! May the Kites fly with a cheer!” The Hellenic Lycium of Sydney together with other cultural presentations danced to the tunes of ‘Sirtaki’ being cheered with shouts of : “Opa!” from the  ...

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Two different world share common beauty!

Poetry: “Two different worlds share common beauty Hellas and The Isle of Man!” In an Evergreen land with scattered jewel- Isles far, but near… Is a whole world of wonder quite unique, I hear.. It has a great number of micro-climates where villages dwell … I have discovered, it has a fine selection of tastes and wine as well! With tall-temple-like mountains are the wonders of this land… That touch the heavens, as  ...


The Bells Sound for the future to hold!

poemPOETRY: ” The Bells Sound for the future to hold!” My jaw dropped….. feeling a chill up my spine… Listening to people …. whose motto is for Human Right to undermine… Hearing that Democracy is an institution… that should be attacked… Believing in a Law… that with Death is supported and backed!  How can they seriously support…. such notions and Creeds?  That demoralize  ...