Breaking news: This afternoon at 12.30pm it was announced on air at radio stations that the Department of Treasury of the Government in Greece has ordered the ERT Megaro to be vacated. All Journalist that were sacked on ERT’s closure on Tuesday 11th June 2013 and who have remained at their positions operating the broadcast of culture and open forums of discussion on air to date, have been ordered to leave the building. The citizens who in the grounds of ERT have been ordered to leave. 


In response to this order the professional staff of ERT have requested to be officially made redundant and be fired and to be given redundency pay as it is stipulated to be done according to the laws of land. To date the professional staff of jouralists and technicians, who have been working there; have maintained the programs of culture and the voice of Greece through cultural performances, news and open forum discussions broadcasted on a 24 hour basis; are guarding the archives and are projecting the view of the different organisations representing the people of Greece. Until they are lawfully given and have signed their redundancy papers according to law. It should be noted that the personnel consisting of advisors and other managers appointed by the government, as it was common in the past as a practise by all governments prior to any election period, have not stepped foot in the compounds of the ERT Megaro, since its improper closure by the govenment on Tuesday 11th June 2013.


In general, the Greek government is experiencing a political dispute, with cabinet reshuffeling, over the matter with regards to how everything will be done to re organise ERT; it is suggested that defferent Departments would be housing the different bodies that are in ERT;it is also said, that the coalitiontion government will also be dispributing responsponsibilities to ministers to handle different issues; however, whatever is to be done is still in process which justifies the delays to date. The governments main aim is to meet austerity measures imposed up it, which has caused all of the political dispute.


Now on the 22nd of June 2013, people from the Public sector are on the same ground of the people in the private sector..standing by eachother..Like the Private sector in the past 4 to 5 years, the public sector are now experincing; unorthodox sacking without being given notice without pay; being made redundant without notice, massive wage cuts, closures and changes in working standards that affect living.


Austerty measures have seen the cuts in wages and pensions in Greece and world wide, as we already know. So, the underlying struggle of the power to control the country’s income from taxation is evident it can be said, what will the out come a clean democracy without improper acts of those in government and all, is yet to be read!

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