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“Fake News V’s Raw Facts”

  Monday 23rd July 2018, was a pivoting moment when I was having an interesting discussion on Global Political issues and the Diplomacy, with a Diplomat in Athens. I do not wish to reveal my sources, however, mentioned that I would want to write about things. He saw that I was on edge. I asked him,” How do you see the course of events in the immediate future for Greece?” He sat back cringed and said:” Difficult. Things  ...


Interview: “People can succeed where government have failed!”

Interview: Achileas Peklaris. Occupation: Journalist for 20 years and Philanthropist and volunteer. Origins: Chania Crete and Syros. Residence: Exarchia.   The refugee problem has challenged the ‘humanitarian spirit’ of Greeks. This challenge is well tested with thousands of refugees reaching our country through the islands. When I cycled down to Exarchia I expected to see a few people helping. When I got to Tossitsa and then turned  ...


Interview: ” Two teachers made redundant..waiting it out at the unemployment office and me makes three “

Collecting my papers for the unemployment office was all I had to do, deep down in the chambers of my mind, I knew that I might just miss one or maybe two.”You have got everything you need in the transaprent file!”I thought to myself. I tried not to think much of that as  I was repairng myself, sipping my last sip of coffee, and grabbing my bag, keys and mobile phone. I trotted down stairs to where I park ‘my set of  ...