Ecological solutions for energy and industry is called for; Governments working together… To assure changes in reforming practises, we can all see!

 Duscussions today on ERT by European representative voice this very clearly!To work on how to achieve eco economic policies is called for…Rather than seeking to reform societies …is understood by all alike! 

 So that cean democracies can exist…If all professions are heard….In open discussions and forums are a sight!

That would help find solutions to all problems…

Not leaving people in a plight! Shutting down ERT marked a storm, 

Diverting Tele Communications  a result of cut back can be seen..

Shutting down schools…Dismanteling cultural centres, Closing hospitals are not solutions you could that be!

Rubbing out research centres and all.. Every institution that assists societies to grow …IS not a solution for any government to be made alone! WE ARE ALL GREEKS= WE ARE THE WORLD!

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Destination: Freedom!

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