This program hopes to pave the way for the young generation to open doors for prospects for work in the future.

Discover your Talent: Olga Papakyriakou chosen as Greece ambassador for European Vocational Skills Week

Olga Papakyriakou postgraduate pediatric Nurse has been selected as Greece Ambassador for the 2019 European Vocational Skills Week (14-18 October). Organised by the European Commission, the Week will involve hundreds of events across the EU to highlight the benefits that Vocational Education and Training (VET) brings to people of all ages. ‘Discover your Talent!’ is the motto of the campaign and ‘VET for all – Skills for Life’ is the theme of this year. Olga Papakyriakou aims to show that VET and apprenticeships are a smart choice, leading to high-quality jobs and increased employability.

Marianne Thyssen, the EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, said: “I am delighted that Olga Papakyriakou has accepted to be an Ambassador for our European Vocational Skills Week in October. Vocational education is an excellent first education choice, providing people with the skills needed for the 21st century labour market and opening up many career possibilities. I have been trying to get this message across during my mandate, through initiatives such as the European Vocational Skills Week and with the help of our VET Ambassadors.”

“I am honoured to be Greece’s Ambassador for the 2019 European Vocational Skills Week and looking forward to working closely with the European Commission to raise awareness of this important initiative in our country. Vocational skills and apprenticeships can help you to discover your talent and your dream job. It can open doors to so many professions and trades – electrician, engineer, carpenter, designer, musician, sales person, stylist, to name but a few. The list of possibilities is endless. And remember, vocational education and training is an opportunity for all age groups – it’s never too late to learn.”

Olga Papakyriakou Ambassador of Greece for the EU Vocational Skills Week 14th-18th October 2019.

Olga Papakyriakou is one of a group of Ambassadors from different EU Member States who have volunteered to spread the word about VET in their home countries. The European Commission and the national authorities selected Olga Papakyriakou for the prestigious role in Greece due to her inspiring profile.
Last year, over 1800 events took place across 45 countries during the third edition of the European Vocational Skills Week. The 2019 Week is expected to attract an even bigger turnout. The total reach of the campaign on social media last year was over 34 million people.

VET statistics: Europe
⦁ 60% of VET graduates find their first long-term job within a month of finishing their studies (rising to 80 % after six months)
⦁ 85% of vocational education and training students are happy with the skills they have acquired
⦁ Job openings for high-skilled people are expected to increase by 21% during 2015-2025, while there will be 17 % fewer opportunities for low-skilled workers
⦁ More than 120 000 vocational learners and apprentices and around 20 000 staff benefit from European mobility opportunities each year
⦁ The European Social Fund is investing €6.7 billion in VET and €7.2 billion in lifelong learning (2014-2020)

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