Breaking news: What will happen with the archives of ERT if the professional staff are DEMANDED to leave the Megaro of ERT? How would ”the newly appointed staff” by the govenment, be able to manage the archives, that cover a historical record of Greece, over the past 75 years of cultural existence? This is a fear that is being expressed this evening. (Fear is felt)


The reason why, this has been reposted, is simply to express the concern of respecting the work and the cultural projects, the base line of the ERT network do, in projecting Hellenic culture and the voice of Greece through out the world. On the topic of management, shouldn”t the tall poppies be ‘trimmed’? Extravigance in management consist of high salaries been given to advisors and to management staff of ERT, is an issue that should be looked at. Furthermore, agreements made for the funding of productions staged by these advisors with banks could also be looked at, shouldn’t they?


Another issue that was discussed at the pannel of the open forum at ERT was, the cause of its problems in the past were due to political intervention of those in power. These problems of fat salaries and over budgeting could not have been done by the staff of ERT. THOSE IN POWER through the Financial Dept.of the Government had a final word on financing ERT, concidering it was managing the taxation imposed on the people of Greece. Only recently, after the loss in faith by the people in Political Institutions, was ERT able to flourish projecting the cultural voice of Greece independantly.


Elementary management skills should be applied with the existing staff. Who guard the achives of ERT? If the tree is cut from the trunk or uprooted, and replaced with a seedling , that young tree, wouldn’t have the same root system as the previous tree, would it?


Economics, have always played a vital role in social political issues. If harmony exists in friendly economics, with equal opportunity, laws that protect civil and government practises, all problems would be managable.The quality of management is vital. When the economics of a nation, is used to ONLY serve the instututions of politics and finance in power, to control the income of a nation acquired through the taxation system of the people, that is an act of slavery being imposed by the establishment abusing its authority.This is when the laws of the land should step in. This does not only apply to Greece, but to every nation in the world. Greed V”s Creed!!!

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