This is a poem I had written when I was told of the passing of my beautiful Aunt and your mother .I cried and felt astranged from happiness and saddness that usually is shared amongst families.

It is sad when a family memeber passes away. I would like to thank a dear friend of mine, whom I have known since we were both in Australia, who just wrote to me here on face book about the sad news of my Aunt Mary’s passing away 1934-2012. She was my father’s sister. I have two first cousins in Australia. I didn’t know- I wasn’t informed earlier.It is sad.


The distance, sometimes and even the course of events through out our lives, caused by external factors(misunderstandings or just pre judging based hear-say of those that don’t know you even though you might be a sibling)-forcing you to shut down or to handle things one at a time, creates obsticles in communication. Why are we, as a people, the way we are?? This of course, has been an issue I have tried to answer, however I have failed to do so, miserably. Nevertheless, I have hoped to be given the opportunity in time. In time the truth is revealed!


I dedicate this poem in her memory.


Admiring you the sparkle in your eyes ‘n’ a smile that beamed…

Dark black hair they carried that gleam!

Waving in the air as you strode..

Me, waiting for your story to unfold!

Seemed to me like a work of art

..A beautiful lady…As Toddler… I saw you..From the start!

Born in country by the Nile..

You began to bloom.. a desert flower with a Mediterranean style!

You began to learn languages of four..Working in your life the beauty to adore!

Turmoil set you cast your way..

To a distant place far away!Having a family with two children that beamed..

Were your whole world, to me it seemed!

The love you had for them I could see..

Respected their dreams wanting to be!You shrouded all pain and focused on a goal..

To secure those children without a toll!

You worked hard it could be seen from your hands..

The way you carried yourself as you stood to make a stand!

Like all women you were close to those that were there..

This helped cope with everything you had to bear!

A fortunate life I now see you lived..

Harvesting the fruits of your labour that you spore from seeds!

I wish however we had shared a glass of wine..

To have unfolded our stories drawn up in time!

For a story is believed only when it is told..

By the writer and their reader as it unfolds!

Distance and events might have brought a gap..

But fond memories fill the mind with conversation that was a-lack!

Today I thank your daughter’s High School friend..

Who knew I would shed a tear in the end!

She knows me more than I know myself…

For she as a third person has shared time with me at great wealth!

‘A tribute to my Aunt Mary’ came out of me..

Your passing, a day before Mother’s day for me to see!

Time is important for all of in it we should invest..

To live a life with love and to celebrate life with Zest!

My condolences to all the family far and near..

and a message we should all to it adhear!

We are mortal not immortal ..nothing profound..

We should share our love and a word that sound!


Written by Debbie Papadakis your neice and first cousin to Anastasia (Sue) amd Dimitri (Jim) Vass your children in Australia!


May you rest and live forever in our memories!16th May 2012.

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