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Breaking News…On the first day of Summer …before the light of the June moon!

Breaking news: This afternoon at 12.30pm it was announced on air at radio stations that the Department of Treasury of the Government in Greece has ordered the ERT Megaro to be vacated. All Journalist that were sacked on ERT’s closure on Tuesday 11th June 2013 and who have remained at their positions operating the broadcast of culture and open forums of discussion on air to date, have been ordered to leave the building. The citizens who  ...


Discussions at on air Democratic forums in Athens…Greed V’s Creed !

Breaking news: What will happen with the archives of ERT if the professional staff are DEMANDED to leave the Megaro of ERT? How would ”the newly appointed staff” by the govenment, be able to manage the archives, that cover a historical record of Greece, over the past 75 years of cultural existence? This is a fear that is being expressed this evening. (Fear is felt)   The reason why, this has been reposted, is simply to  ...



Ecological solutions for energy and industry is called for; Governments working together… To assure changes in reforming practises, we can all see!  Duscussions today on ERT by European representative voice this very clearly!To work on how to achieve eco economic policies is called for…Rather than seeking to reform societies …is understood by all alike!   So that cean democracies can exist…If all professions are  ...

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The Apple falls under the apple tree..gets eaten by a bird..and the seed rolls onto the pavement!

What happens… When a seed hits the pavement And rolls in a crack.. Can’t be seen! It is then watered.. Some how..for a seed Will never say It was water by a can.. Or by nature..some how in every way! (sometimes , us mum’s feel like this.. hang on!) It might, just remember ..a grey cloud.. leaving a drop of H2O.. Somewhere in that dirt or sand.. Thunder was heard.. nothing spectacular..nothing grand!.. (when does a teen  ...

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Times are Changing..’n’ so are we!

Yesterday, was a day of trekking and trailing Down Town. I often do that- I love walking in the City were I live and love to feel what is happening…Listening to people… watching them in their every day activities…perceiving what is to be perceived! Normal, you might think! It is, it is never a dull moment and believe me, it helps thinking as you stride in your steps.   Living Up Town , like in any city, is very much  ...


The B.C years seem like a dream…

Crunch time NOW on years 4 NEAR 5, Up to date, more than 4000 that once lived, now have died! Taken their lives in this Economic free fall, Statistics hidden, at the bottom of the drawer!   While the living~dead,left in the grind, Working for a living, racing against time! Money owed, not paid NEVER seen! Money demanded, sights GLARE and beam!   Austerity let loose, like a mad,mad dog squeezing like a vice! Lives changed, CASH  ...


Rememberence Day for RAFA at El Alimaine…and the Middle East.

Sunday 29th May, is a day commemorating the The Rememberence Of the RAFA Air Force Men that died during the period of 28th October 1940 until 31st May 1941 in the Middle East .An invitation was sent to me to attend because my father was in the Front line during that period and fought by their side.He had survived the war….but never wanted to live through a war again.. My son and I will be attending the Ceremony. Lest We Forget.

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Crunch time is the situation here… Surviving the Tidal Wave..will be the challenge my dear!

In October 2008, I had written this poem in a poetry challenge; where people throughout the world gathered on line and discussed thought provoking topics that troubled people in societies. Naturally, the issues of Political and Economical Ethics were ‘sizzeling hot’.   The Poetic forum, focused on interesting issues, however, did not focus on the CAUSES of these social issues. They focused on the pictures and images, caught  ...