What happens…

When a seed hits the pavement

And rolls in a crack..

Can’t be seen!

It is then watered..

Some how..for a seed

Will never say

It was water by a can..

Or by nature..some how in every way!

(sometimes , us mum’s feel like this.. hang on!)

It might, just remember ..a grey cloud..

leaving a drop of H2O..

Somewhere in that dirt or sand..

Thunder was heard..

nothing spectacular..nothing grand!..

(when does a teen remember mum’s advice?..as the story goes..)

Growing by itself is what that seed..

Thinks it seems to do and be..

It, absolutely ignores the existence..

of that apple tree!

(Silence..no comment! ūüėČ )

Sure, the apple might have dropped

And in it, the seed…

Under that apple tree to be..

In the form of an delicious apple ..

Scrumpsious to the eye of a bird true to see!’

That bird might have eaten it ..

That is a fact….

As the story goes..

Leaving the seed to be..somewhat different

‘A teen ‘ready to grow..it be!

Ok, bear with me you folk in “story land”..

This story has a moral..

I am sure, you will find it grand!

Then, it ventured..

Rolling on that man ~made pavement to be,

Exposed to all weather..traumatic,i can see!

A crack there..the seed fell in to be found ..

Not far from the Apple Tree.surrrounding ground!

Under the watchful eye of the Apple tree..

Was the seed there growing individually!

With the Apple Tree’s branches..

Spreading so wide, wide as can be!!

Extending it’s ¬†leaves..reaching each side!!

Sheltering the seed the best way it can see.!

Watering it with morning dew..falling from

The apple tree’s leaves…is and was the plan…you see..

no different to you and me!.

The  Apple tree, did what it could.. the best way it can!

To shelter from a distance the best way with the plan!

(**Ok who has felt like that poor Apple tree!)

Growing in that crack..

Was a place the Apple tree..

Never wanted it’s seed to be!

But time marched on helping..

As they both grew..to see..

The seed was growing..a tree to be!..

The Apple tree saw things differently..

In time it can be said..It began to admire

The growth of the seed,  more instead!!


Never was part of the plan..

Breaking the pavement by the seedling..

Like breaking the rock in the palm of your hand!!

Made her proud..in the time span..

And saw her seedling growing in spleadour..

Man ohh man!

In time the Apple tree admiring..

Admiring the growth her seed..

She ,for it once feared..

For its future what it would be?

Watching  her seed growing from afar..

(Not far) into a seedling, so dear!!

Then into an Apple tree so beautiful….

So tall…wonderful..

As Nature geared!

Watching the seed  take posture and gradually stand..

From a seed to a seedling..

Without much of a helping hand!

Having broken that pavement..

Having rooted in the ground..!

Seeking for water with its rootsystem..

All without a rumbling sound!

Developing a trunk,her tree now is so strong as it can be..

Growing its  branches thick n sturdy..

Reaching out  those branches..almost touching the sky..

Seeking the Sun…so, so high!

Then adoring those branches with fresh green leaves..

Seemed liked they danced..

Just for fun..in the cool cool breeze!

The Apple tree admired..and teared as she could see..

Her baby seed grew, as planned by Nature, naturally!

An Apple tree, the Apple tree admired..!

So tall it would stand!

So beautiful is her baby!

Her pride …

So grand!


The moral of the story is: talk to them;I know it is hard, but watch them grow! Shelter them: cradle their dreams,and let them go, to seek and see! Support them :they are different, let them grow! Let them follow their dreams and choices alike, be there for them at any light! In the end they will find their way and grow up to be like you in their own way!

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