Yesterday, was a day of trekking and trailing Down Town. I often do that- I love walking in the City were I live and love to feel what is happening…Listening to people… watching them in their every day activities…perceiving what is to be perceived! Normal, you might think! It is, it is never a dull moment and believe me, it helps thinking as you stride in your steps.


Living Up Town , like in any city, is very much the same- it is airy and the net work of streets are less cluttered. People are some what different too, probably less is a rush, that is understandable. However, it is only a Breeze away from being to the heart throbbing Centre of a City. To some, it is a place of mystery , to others it has been a place they have always been and survival is very much the same as in most places- if services and needs are covered for survival, with the net work of productive people , then it is a place where life thrives… against the clutter that might exist.


How are some surviving This Tidal Wave Of Economic Gloom? This question can only be perceived rather than be explained…


An Area, near the City Centre..

The Heart it it may seem..

Throbs, at a Pulse..

Of the times to redeem!

The Stature of Code..


Working for a living..

A Social Net work , In Deed!

This network, no different to me or You..

With New Currency circulating Ignoring the existing E.U.

Ignoring the I.M.F..and the 300 that led this country to gloom..

Trading and exchanging serving and soon!

In functioning activity..

Working against the tide..

Bearing the Weight..

Nothing to hide!

Shouldering the Load..

Of Taxes, debts and Expenses..

Avioding the money dispensers..

Cutting the strings woven on the loom…

That brought them all to this time of Gloom!

Offloading and keeping Sanity at a bay…

Working for a living is all they seek..

Helping and Trying

With something to say!

Is what these Greeks ..

in the centre do..

A cultured seed..

No more to be fooled!

They are the people… the 300 now fear most…

All they need to do now…

Is think of a solution… worth a Toast…

This solution can easily be found..

By listening to the words spoken, close to the Ground!

Change is being whispered, through out the land..

We need to change as people ..

The best way we can…

Without further durdening the on generation you see…

Otherwise we will be criticized as a generation with no Creed!

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