Ahh! The Dove overlooking the Acropolis,

Is, indeed, a good sign.

As I quietly watch it with a sigh.

Knowing what Greece has gone through and is still going through as it seems,

The future is bound to be good as Nature deems.

With this Dove there is hope,

For more than we have to persevere with and cope.

Knowing we are doing our best to survive,

Is the sign read with this Dove on our side.

So read those signs and dream your dreams,

Of a better future, this Nation could cradle

By the work you instigate and your knowledge could deem.

Know that the Dove represents peace by our side,

We too, have to evaluate the values we have in the tide of time.

Debbie Papadakis (C) 4th August 2018 Athens.

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