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July 5, 2013

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“ESCAPING from ALL … Ãlone wanting to be!” ~Debbie Papadakis.

Current mood:calm and deeply inspired by Nature!   This poem was was inspired by the Thought: “Where do we Escape to when we want to get away from it all? Why do we get this urge to soul seek in alone some where? How do we feel when we do so? How does nature treat us to a vision that stimulates our thoughts and feelings? What is sought?”   Some seek the solitude of a room, others drive away. However, there are those  ...


“MAGNETIC ATTRACTION” ~Debbie Papadakis.

It is extrordinary where people can write and what they write when inspired. I have enjoyed writing these past few years. It had comforted me during very trying moments. Being in a different place, every once in a while, encourages you to delope the skill of self appreciation when you create pieces of writing that depict ‘Life’. It had helped me, during good and bad times, in my life .I love life and anticipate what else this  ...


Inspirational Poetry:” Wondrous is Beauty!”

The’ Mold’ we allow ourselves to be cast in can be a ‘curse or a blessing’!  Earlier this week, the topic of Beauty was discussed. Sure, it can be easily said that those that ‘have the looks get the position’. How many of you have responded to a positon avaliable posted in the classifieds of a Newspaper and arranged for interview, with a C.V at hand and dressed accordingly, to meet the standards required in presenting  ...


Inspirational poetry:”Feeling wonderful!”~Debbie Papadakis.

“Feeling Wonderful” a poem   Current mood:confident   Thinking of the How to handle different problems in life, is something I am sure we all do. We work and try to make ends meet, at the office, in schools, with collegues and even at home. As social beings we try to meet a critria that is displays, our best, to the best of our abilities,but sometimes it isn’t appreciated or even taken for granted.   The  ...

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“ADAMANDIA”~Debbie Papadakis.

ADAMANDIA   Current mood:creative   The Funny Thing about writing, is that when ever you get the urge to write sometimes, might not be infront of a computer screen nor while sitting at the desk, chewing on the pen or pencil you might be using and waiting for the words to hit you or pour out like a rouring river…or yet still, you might even desperately be happy with just a trickle! A flow of words is desperately needed! You  ...


Poem: “I love you more..” you said! ~Debbie Papadakis.

“I love you more !” you said   Sitting in a restaurant waiting to be served can be rather interesting and inspiring. I think of many differnt things I have to to do and usually take that weather beaten diary out that has deadlines to meet and things to do. Once I put it away, I rest my chin in my hands looking down as I wait.   Not helping it, I look around me and watch couples sipping wine;Chatting and laughing;or  ...


Inspirational Poetry: ” What is Spirituality? What is living life with Creed?”~Debbie Papadakis.

Spirituality..Living a life with Creed!   Current mood:inspired (This was part of the site I had on My Space where I usedto take part in Poetry  challenges)   Kristine..thank you popping in with this link and inviting me.I haven’t written for a while and decretely began by wording my thoughts and feeling in writing and poetry…writng to me is a release from all that happens and what we see….I like reading everyone  ...

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Inspiration Poetry: “THE BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY OF BEING BEAUTIFUL.”~Debbie Papadakis.

Beauty is skin deep they say.   Beauty to some exists in many different ways; a kind word ; the temprement of a person; the whole world within an individual and even the feelings generated from a person.Beauty is admiring nature, the landscape and form of the terrain. Beauty is the sea that embraces you , revitalizing every fibre of your being.Beauty is you and how you want others to see you.To some Beauty is a curse…to others it  ...