The’ Mold’ we allow ourselves to be cast in can be a ‘curse or a blessing’!  Earlier this week, the topic of Beauty was discussed. Sure, it can be easily said that those that ‘have the looks get the position’. How many of you have responded to a positon avaliable posted in the classifieds of a Newspaper and arranged for interview, with a C.V at hand and dressed accordingly, to meet the standards required in presenting yourself to a prospective employer, or Personnel Manager? What is actually sought in a prospective employee, their Appearance or their Qualifications, Their knowledge, Experience , if any, and need for employment?”


Many would immediately be quick to say that Appearence ‘Plays the Part’ and All the rest could be useful , if attained! How many people, have been in the position of not being accepted for the positon, even though they might have had the required qualifications, but not the reuired appearence?


Many believe that the World is Open and anything that any one could ever dream of, is avaliable for the Beautiful Attractive Few, that were born with the added ‘touch’ that is appealing. Being clever and attractive has advantages.Some use it as a vice, a tool to seek success and power. While others may see their ‘Good Looks’ as a curse..a megnet attracting the opposite results and never reaching their objectives sought in life.


“Looks” can be prisons.How resposible are we of our Good Fortune or Fate with regards to how we look? How do we control the factor of how we are seen? How do we present ourselves as Professionals? We create our own Prisons and Build our own Walls to block out what we cannot handle.On the flip side, we allow ourselves to be ‘cast’ in a ‘mold ‘ that seem,to certain groups acceptable, but in reality is absurd. How many force themselves to maintain a certain weight to keep their position? How many people are made redundant because their appearence has ‘lost its freshness over the years?


What has Television, and the Media in general conditioned society in believing? Have they shown that ‘a pretty face ‘ can go a long way? Commercialism in the appearence of women in particular and men in many cases has served the purpose of ironing out fundimental values of self assesment and self worth.Isn’t it wonderful to KNOW your self?


It is a very important thing to know yourself, that alone radiates beauty, as we have seen in the past right up to the present; Beautiful men and women, we have met in our path of our profession; Beautiful people, we meet each day as it unfolds! How we see ouselves, can vividly influence how other people see us. How we think,what we do and what we know can influence how we are accepted in this society.


BEAUTY is WONDROUS and seen in different forms.We just need to perceive it!A poem I have written at the spir of the moment ….




Wondrous is the beauty of the Mind,Not necessarily the Beauty,That is MADE to Sparkle and Shine!

Wondrous is the Beauty of Strength,That EVEN before a Mirror,Can be seen and MET!

Wondrous is the beautiful Heart,Its Serenity…Never tears you Apart!

Wondrous IS the beauty of Respect,That is Contained in you ,And to others has a WODROUS Effect!

Wondrous is the BEAUTY OF LOVE,That lifts you and allows you to SOAR,Beyond the Stars Above!

Wondrous is the Radiant Beauty,That is skin deep you see,That is SIMPLE in YOU for everyone to see!


(C)DebbiePapadakis~Splash penningitout 15 Augst 2008.

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In Loving memory of Mum and family.


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