I went to the sea side, as I always do and literally walked.I have been doing that a lot lately. I have things to think about; to work out and to reach a decision on.


The view of the sea has always helped me reach the best solutions to things I think about ; it has comforted me when I felt down; has ‘spoken’ to me attracting my attention and drawn me to listen, to the thoughts and feel the feelings felt.


The sea breeze has brushed back my hair many a time, clearing my mind of fear. I have always felt sure of myself whenever I return from the sea, because I feel grateful of the good things that have touched me. A good word from a friend ; the smile of a child; the words ” I love you Mum” all fill me with pride.


As for the problems, time will deliver solutions, allowing us to perceive them in its course. ” Healthy decisions are seen in the light of day. “~Splash Penningitout.



Walking along the pebble beach one day,

I caught myself singing’n’with something to say!

Filled my heart with A Love so strong,

THANK YOU DEAR LIFE for granting me,

The opportunity To be a Mother ‘n’See.

The Value of Life with its Ups’n’Downs,

And confronting situations that seem Profound!

I picked up a pebble ‘n’ took it with me,

For it to remind me of that moment by the Sea!

From That Moment I felt Gratitude Deep in my heart,

Of the Gifts Granted in life,

To Treasure ‘n’ that I know with I will never part!

In my pocket I carry this beautiful stone,

I feel it ,

Hold it,

To others it seems cold!

To me it reminds me,Of some thing special , you see.

It reminds me of The Gratitude,

I feel deep, deep inside of me!

Feeling GRATEFUL of the Love I feel,

From those I Love ‘n’ who Love me,Such a thrill!


(c)Debbie Papadakis~Splash Penningitout. 4th July 2013

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