Artists paint a picture with a thousand words…

That stand as a masterpieces in the light!



People world wide stop and adore..

Understanding either the beauty or the picture of plight!



Politicians use these means of a picture they want to show..

They are not imaginative, not credible..their stomaches to fill is all to date they have shown!



Leaving Greece, a country in peril…  

Hungry and with a democratic culture to hold!



The black screnes mark the deafening silent danger 

Shrouding the voice and culture the islands and land , 11 days now it be! 



A cloud hanging over, and the earth rumble

As democracy feels the plight world wide, everyone can see!

Professional people of all walks of life band together at the ERT Megaro to hold…

Theatrical performances, musical productions and choirs in protest to sing to the word!

Art is culture…

Art is light..

Art is a voice..

We shall hold on to ART with protect indeed!


It is our democratic right….

It can easily be seen…

An artists are culture in the light through ERT it beams!

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