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July 4, 2013

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“Hot Summer Nights…Painting you with a Rose”~Debbie Papadakis.

Hot Summer Night..painting you with a rose!   Current mood:artistic   Hot Summer Nights, awaken the senses and take you out of this world, when lived with beautiful company! Todays poem was inspired by my friends when we decides to go swimming ..the sea..the tranquility…the setting sun and the night coming with the breeze!   Drifting off to sleep I visioned and felt I was in a different place.Writing is a whole world  ...

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” At Times of Dispair!!”~Debbie Papadakis.

Directions to be taken at times of despair. Current mood: fear of times to come Walking through the streets of any major city, would reveal visions of groups of young people talking , standing around and generally trying to live each day as it comes. In the morning they would line up for a meal handed out by an organization , the church or even the Municipal Council of the city,if they are sensitive enough to help the ‘Homeless’.  ...


INSPIRATIONAL WRITING: “Redemption”~Debbie Papadakis.

Life by all means isn’t easy. It hasn’t been!SHOW ME ONE PERSON WHO IS PERFECT.Who is perfect? I AM NOT! However, I do admire people who try and work at it! No matter how down you might feel. You do see the light through a reflection.   The reflection of yourself. If you like what you see and do appreciate yourself, your efforts, your dreams; you will be able to show others, how you want them to see you; through your efforts  ...

Articles, Poems

Inspiration Poetry: “GRATITUDE” I felt with a pebble in my pocket and a word to hold!

I went to the sea side, as I always do and literally walked.I have been doing that a lot lately. I have things to think about; to work out and to reach a decision on.   The view of the sea has always helped me reach the best solutions to things I think about ; it has comforted me when I felt down; has ‘spoken’ to me attracting my attention and drawn me to listen, to the thoughts and feel the feelings felt.   The sea  ...