BRIN discover the flow of ‘ War Toys’ fueling the Conflict in the Middle East.
Freelance Greek /Australian Journalist:
Debbie Papadakis
A Synopsis of the situation of the Middle East in a nutshell.
Since the discovery of a massive Natural Gas source beneath the crust of Syria and the Dodecanese in Greece in 2010, tension in the area in the Middle East sparked off with what seems to have been ‘a forever-power struggle’ of clans and regions and later counties wanting to dominate the area, at the expense of civilian lives and an escalating war, bringing in Nations in conflict in the name of religion.What interests have dominated in wanting to control the region? Who are ISIS of the Fundamental ISLAMIC STATE? Who is President Bashar al-Assad and who is his Government in Syria fighting against?
The discovery of ‘crude oil’ after WW2 in the Middle East had changed the economies of many countries and had created powerful family clans that rule these nations.It had also seen in an influx of wealth in the economies, as nations of the industrialized world bought oil from them throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s, which led to improving the quality of life and at stages societies of people acquiring a cosmopolitan life style and mentality that came with education and the development of culture.
These nations would see their leaders forming economic agreements at an international level that influenced the economy and Markets world wide where the banking system would benefit in trade and agreements. What soon followed were treaties with Western Powers and The USA. Once in power for a long period of time the old leaders tried to maintain this Cosmopolitan life style or the ‘Status Quo’ and any change would be seen as a conflict of interests.
The ‘new’ leaders of these countries would experience challenges with the change of times and the emergence of a power struggle to control a nation and its resources. Some of these countries who tried to maintain their clan’s power, would be tested by rival powers within those clans that would lead to conflict and it would lead to treaties be used.In a nut shell that is the situation in the middle east had seen Major powers being involved, Multi-National companies being privately supported by Presidents and Politicians . Witnessing conflict over a number of years , such as 1991 and later in 2003 saw the destruction of civil life and cities in rubble with displaced people and family less children that were banned together by fundamentalists.This could be seen in History and articles that have covered each period.
These Fundamentalists such as the ISIS of the Islamic State, only explain their fight for power by dominating regions through the power of religion, creating enemies to divide and rule, which leads to who would control the resources that would be attained?
The Current situation in the Middle East.
The climax of the situation can be said that it has been witnessed in 2016 with ISIS gaining power against Syria through war fare and the mass movement of Syrians as refugees of that country wanting to enter Europe and Germany in particular, as thousands have stated when entering Greece, Spain and Italy.The EU agreed to help Turkey by granting with billions of euros not millions and agreements for Turkish nationals to be allowed to enter Germany without a visa , back then, but the Visa Permits never eventuated which led to tension and sporadic terrorist bombings in Europe. It should also be noted that many remained in Syria to fight against ISIS as seen in 2014-2015. We also saw the Russians striking ISIS positions to assist President Assad of Syria, which allowed him to gain previously lost areas.
We also saw The recent attempted Coup in Turkey on 15th July which triggered a ‘ State of Emergency’ to be enforced by Erdogan. We also saw the infrastructure of the state administration of the Military, Education, the medical field and the media and communications of Turkey change over night to a Totalitarian State, imprisoning over 13 thousand people; with the ‘terror street killing’ of opponents by loyalists to Tagipp Erdogan and of course the recruitment of people done in the deep darkness of the night under the sound of machine gun fire, rather than the light of the day which predominantly sees red flags with a crescent moon wave in squares as thousands of people are told to stay out in the streets, by their leader from his recently built palace who now calls himself the Sultan of Turkey. The new state of Turkey has Edrogan approaching The Gulf powers and even embracing Islam which now makes Turkey and Islamic power in the Middle East with a NATO base in its heart and the USA seeing the shift of things.
The USA was to pull Turkey out of the NATO treaty and to save the base some how. The predicament Germany now faces is: Should the EU allow refugees to enter Europe or not ? Are they Syrian or Turkish-Syrians loyal to Edrogan? Why did Germany conceal the true identity of the gun man in the Olympia Mall massacre say he is of Iranian and German duel Nationalities? Has the refugee problem and Merkel’s policies threatened stability in the EU?
According to recent reports Central and European powers have been delivering substantial flows of weapons and ammunition to Syria since the civil war in 2012. Reports by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) and Organized Crime and corruption Reporting (OCCRP) state that 4 major backers were supported during the Syrian civil war by the Central Powers and reveal that the cost of these weapons and ammunition trail exceeds 1.2 billion euros that keeps the conflict in the Middle east ALIVE, causing a great loss of civilian lives and the heavy toll of using soldiers, playing with policies at the expense of peace. Is this legal? What will be the out come?

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