Yes..Heaven can wait!!!

Feeling the ‘Roller Coaster Ride’ with the economy, has preoccupied my thoughts for the past couple of years, like most of us. Well, it has been like…Yooo!! ..Steady she goes!!! and AAHHHH !! I can’t look… I can’t look… We are…yeah we are DIVING… there we go again! Yeah, it has been like that!


Some even thought:”It hasn’t touched us yet..” Until Nature Knocks on our door and says:”Hey Dudes wanna challenge…HERE’S a Challenge…PlayING GODs and FEELING high and mighty with yourselves..CONTROLLING Nature …You GUYZ can’t even CONtrol yourselves!!” 


Then Iceland feels the warmth ..that was much welcomed, with Geo Energy and feeling Cool with Global warming while the economy was ‘GloBal BoiLiNg! Canada celebrating passage across seas, in the past they used to crunched and crashed through! Bird watching was replaced by BURG watching…yet another tourist attraction! Leaving us with a”Wow isn’t that and snap!”THen POP!’A Volcano Releases!!!


It enters the BREAKING NEWS..Steam ..ash…particles..emissions..asphixiating oxygen sucking, plant nutriants..probably welcomed by the trees…but not by us! OUR REACTION:” More Losses..Planes can’t fly! What do we do, what do we do?? PRICES UP to conpensate for more losses..If they need the way they will PAY!!”Sometimes, I do not know whether the situation is asphixiating while on this ‘Roller Coaster Ride’ or the atmosphere is asphixiating as Nature helps us to slip and slide..FreeStylin’! 


You can tell, I was reading this morning and trying to handle my stuff while making incisiions to decisions that would provide an oxygen mask! Like all, with decissions made, once again, I descided to have a break from it all and YES…Head For The Hills!! So, My Trusted Friend rang and said:”Today is the day..there is a bit of Fog my mum told me from up in the village but I think we can go now…it must have cleared by now! We have an appointment to meet with the cardiologist for her..Mum hasn’t been feeling well..ok”


Naturally, I said: “No Problem let go!” She Drove by with the Punto and pointed to the mountains on this EverGreen Island we live on, and so off we went! Yeah..sometimes I used to think, we were far away from everything we lived in our own world! OHHHH How wrong I was!! With the ‘Economic Roller Coaster Binde’. I was now on a rollercaoster drive!


Leaving the port town were we live, we staddled across to the other side..with the pedal to the metal racing against time;dropping everything; wanting to get things done to help and returning to what ever we were doing.. we started to ascend…going up and UP…and Further UP! “Yeahh Fog…” See something had to slow us down.


Then we looked at eachother and said:”A bit of fog …MMmm!” At that moment we commented:”Thirty Metres visibility…then twenty…ten…now one.” To lighten up I added: “I can still see my nose.” As I laughed I continued:”So is THIS what Transilvania looks like…or even the Moores of Scotland!The only thing missing is the headless horseman riding through all these special affects!” Hahahaha My trusty driver laughed.Just then, I said in an Airy tone that suited the moment: “I feel like an Angel!! But I know this ain’t NO Heaven so watch those bends!”


My friend Laughted again.”I have driven so many time I don’t know where we are going..I have got the fog lights on…just following the double lines…” Then wham!!! A car blursts through the cloud of smog…passing us with no lights on! That was just to keep us on our toes.”Yes Heaven can wait!” was something we both said.TAKING A DEEP BREATH and talking helped.


Our topic of conversation was the whole situation we were facing, tesolating things and handling demands placed upon us and ofcourse, completing necessary missions that we both whole heartedly treated, with great urnesty and with great support. We drove all the way down again and to the valley with wonderful weather,returning back and realising the fog was still there.”The volcano in Iceland..” we thought.


The appointment was met and it was good that the readings and the doctors diagnosis was that everything was fine! However, we did feel a bit overwhelmed with the world wide situation, as well as, the local situation we faced daily. NAturally, seeing everything in the fog of relations, economics and even everyday challenges assured us that it should all be taken with a steady stide…Cos a Foggy Summer is forecasted!


One thing that can be said is that no matter the conditions all things can be resolved in good time, a bit of homework and tonnes of thinking!

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