ARTICLE: ” A word of ‘how teenagers can be helped’ to integrate in society.

The response to ‘teenagers’ of  the question they often ask: “What do we do in our spare time?” was well answered by a principal of Northland College in 1959. Learning life skills  and practicing  those life skills with communication, earning an award of a job well done is important in society and  is an excellent way to helping teenagers in integrating them with in the structure of society. Many would say  that these skills are learned at home; following the example set by the parents. This is true, to some point, however I would also like to add that this mentality is further developed at school as part of the students’ vocational guidance.  


Many teenagers in the past and present feel they are not obligated to undertake such a transition of having to work for a living as yet. They feel comfortable with the fact that they are provided for by their parents. This mentality is passed on down to them by the way we treat them, giving them allowances and pocket money. However, a whole new way of thinking should also be provided in order to help these teenagers with the quality of life they could live, that would further strengthen them and help then gain that added confidence in them self , which would also enhance their abilities in getting jobs done. thus, making them feel useful in our communities as well as recognizing their skills as independent productive individuals.



‘How can this be achieved?’ would be a good question to ask. Saying the ‘world does not owe you anything’ would not really help. Providing examples and setting an example would be more effective. If you are a parent, get your children to do things with you. Be productive and socially involved in your community; take part in volunteer work and social activities that might improve your environment; get to know your neighbours and offer to do things for them ,if they might need help.  As a parent encourage and suggest  programs like these to begin operating at schools. Write a letter to the Minister of Education suggesting that more programs of ‘Teenage integration in the society be taught at schools.



Many things I am sure can be done rather than talking about it or even ranting about how lazy and self centered teenagers are. The state of the situation is known, the question is How do we change things for the better?



~Debbie Papadakis.

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