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July 28, 2016



BRIN discover the flow of ‘ War Toys’ fueling the Conflict in the Middle East. Freelance Greek /Australian Journalist: Debbie Papadakis A Synopsis of the situation of the Middle East in a nutshell. Since the discovery of a massive Natural Gas source beneath the crust of Syria and the Dodecanese in Greece in 2010, tension in the area in the Middle East sparked off with what seems to have been ‘a forever-power struggle’  ...

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“Why would the Government purposely lie to the Public?”

“Why would the Government purposely lie to the Public?” this is a question that many people ask. This question has baffled reliable sources in the light of recent events in Germany. SCOOP REPORT. Freelance Greek/Australian Journalist: Debbie Papadakis. The refugee crisis in recent months has brought to light the responsibility that Governments are obligated to handle to assure the security of the public in societies throughout  ...