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August 3, 2014


How teenagers can be helped to integrate in society.

 ARTICLE: ” A word of ‘how teenagers can be helped’ to integrate in society. The response to ‘teenagers’ of  the question they often ask: “What do we do in our spare time?” was well answered by a principal of Northland College in 1959. Learning life skills  and practicing  those life skills with communication, earning an award of a job well done is important in society and  is an excellent way to  ...

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Bondi beach at the break of dawn.

Article and Poem: “Bondi at the break of dawn.”   I love swimming! I can not think of a better hobby anyone could have than to get up at the break of dawn and dive into the ocean of waves, testing your endurence and ability to fight-swimming in the swells of Bondi. You might ask, why am I writing about Bondi in particlular? It would be easy to say that the picture sent to me this morning, inspired me to write a poem about  ...