Well , Hello there listeners in Radio world…

I am An English Teacher with a whirl ‘n’plan!

I teach and prepare students of this land…

to stand with certificates of English in their hand!!

So Band together and form a group…

come to me and have a look!! 

I will line you up in a plan and get you speaking 

for the world to understand, I am not jokin’!

Be it for the MICHIGAN, ECCE, EACE, or the ECPE 

Or Maybe the Cambridge THE FCE, THE ACE or even the CPE!!!

I work real hard you will see..

Cuz I know my stuff like the ABC!!!

” I would rather walk in life with deep insight…rather than  hang around waiting for a thought to ignite!!”

“If you think you can build yourself in preparation for this world, do it systematically with knowledge as well!!!”

You have the talent I can see… to change this world the way you want it to be!

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