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August 2016

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What type of a world do we want? Debbie Papadakis

We are approx. 7 Billion people on this Planet: What type of a world do we want? Debbie Papadakis: Freelance Greek Australia… As people, we are obligated to follow and respect laws of civil liberties of ‘the freedom of speech’ in a healthy Democracy. This privilege of ‘ the freedom of speech’ is universally respected and it is apart of our human rights which is respected under international law and apart of the  ...


What type of Civil War are we talking about in Aleppo, Syria?

A civil war that started in 19th July 2012 and is still going as armaments pour in from its borders, supporting the Islamic rebels in the East. Meanwhile in defense government forces fight in the West in 2016. WAR IS UGLY. It is also hard defending your homes and property in defense of outside insurgence. Aleppo the second largest commercial city of Syria. Aleppo has prominent buildings industry, Universities and Archeological museums and  ...

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Heaven can wait! Current mood: optimistic

Yes..Heaven can wait!!! Feeling the ‘Roller Coaster Ride’ with the economy, has preoccupied my thoughts for the past couple of years, like most of us. Well, it has been like…Yooo!! ..Steady she goes!!! and AAHHHH !! I can’t look… I can’t look… We are…yeah we are DIVING… there we go again! Yeah, it has been like that!   Some even thought:”It hasn’t touched us yet..”  ...

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Humanity based on creed in Athens, Greece.

ARTICLE: Humanity based on creed in Athens, Greece.-Debbie Papadakis     Greece at the gates of the refugee move into Europe. The immigration problem faced by Greece in a period of economic crisis is most potent. Authorities believe that the 90% of illegal immigrants in the EU enter through Turkey to the shores of the islands in the East Aegean of Greece. Greece is the gateway used by Turkey as a part of official policy to send illegal  ...