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July 2018


Am I a Racist? No, not I!

What is a racist? Most people are accused of being racist throughout Europe, America and even Australia. The issue has been raised as each day we see more and more people coming to our shores. Many of these people might be like us. That is, that they are orientated by humane values as well as being family orientated wanting the best for their children. However, there are those that are ‘different’. They are different in their  ...


Protestors against the illtreatment of Donkeys on Santorini bashed by thugs.

Animal abuse by law is illegalĀ in Greece. The law againstĀ animal cruelty in Greece is quite clear. If anyone ill-treats a domestic of work animal, the incident must be reported. The Police and Municipal Authorities will take action. Thugs on Santorini ignore such laws. SANTORINI is a well known as a tourist island. In fact, it has the most beautiful scenic views that attract people from all corners of the world. Where money floods into a  ...