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As people, we are obligated to follow and respect laws of civil liberties of ‘the freedom of speech’ in a healthy Democracy. This privilege of ‘ the freedom of speech’ is universally respected and it is apart of our human rights which is respected under international law and apart of the world we live in. However, since 15th July 2016 with ‘the attempted coup’ in Turkey, we have seen drastic changes that have “concerned ” us as in the International world. Turkey until recently basked under the reputation of being a Cosmopolitain Nation with its population boasting of different ethic back grounds that made it unique like the spices found in the marketplace of Constantinople. Since the ‘attempted coup’ everything has changed.
The International community has seen the changes with regards to the infrastructure of the Turkish Nation and is trying to diplomatically handle the situation the best way it knows how. In the light of the ‘concern’ we all feel about the situation, we are witnessing detrimental human rights violation against journalists and the intellectual body of the Turkey which has ‘hit hard’ as a shock. We have seen this once before, as Nations turn in to Totalitarian States- is that happening to Turkey now? One should hope not.
The ‘Information Age’ we live in has brought the world closer together in the light of what is happening in our world, particularly when it is beginning to affect our values and International law on the protection of Human rights, the protection of women and of course, the protection and education of children. The International Community for the past 200 years has fought and up held these values.
However, with the the wars raging in in the East against the Islamic Fundamentalists creating a’ Refugee Crisis’ it has brought home of what are we going to do? Are we going to ‘toss out’ our values in protecting women and children under the Human Rights laws we obide by or are we going to ‘turn a blind eye’ to our values? Are we going to accept ‘ child marriages of young girls of 12 – 16 with men of 25-40? The saying of: “When in Rome, do as the Romans”, who does that apply to? Will Europe make a stand and enforce the laws that exist? Or will the Euopean Union of all its Individual Nations be forced to make arrangements for some countries to accommodate some issues?
How will the EU handle the International Human Rights Issue that also include the Women’s rights and Children’s Rights issues? To do so, Politicians would need to be well prepared in actually doing their work now. The People of Europe demand this.
In a ‘nutshell’ the ‘New World Order’ has created a mess with ‘a prolonged Economic Crisis’ through banking systems financing Nations with loans, imposing austerity on Nations as it is happening in Greece.
This ‘New World Order’ has also indirectly financed ‘ a prolonged war of resources’ through multinational companies wanting to gain the right to extract energy resources for financial gain. In this prolonged ‘war of resources’ as we see groups of rebels breaking up the nations that have existed for thousands of years, thus destroying civilizations and history .
It has also been the cause of fundamentalism to rise in the form of ‘ISIS’ after the family structures has been destroyed these past 30 years in Persian nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria that has caused the ‘ refugee crisis’. Our way of thinking needs to restructure before we destroy ourselves as a human species. Our thinking has to comply with the laws of Nature, if we are to survive.
EDROGAN v’s Edrogan.
Since when has ‘the pen’ been seen as a terrorist weapon compared to ‘the supply of armaments to Islamic states’ as not being a terrorist act?
In recent reports the ‘new court system’ approved by President Edrogan has arrested Asli Erdogan on 19th August 2016, a prizewinning novelist and columnist for the OZGUR GUNDEM newspaper. She has been alleged to have links with the ‘outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Reports claim that 24 other journalists have also been ‘swept-up’ and held for questioning and to appear before the courts. While the prisons in Turkey have opened releasing hardened criminals such as rapists and murderers in recent days, they have opened for the courts to imprison journalists and intellectuals. How will that help Turkish Society?
This week the court ordered the newspaper ‘Ozgur Gundem’ to close as it is believed by the courts it to be engaged in propaganda in support of the PKK. Even though some of the people detained have been released, two other workers of the newspaper were brought in. They face charges of being ‘ a terror threat’ in the light to ‘crack down’ on any form of opposition that exists in Turkey. One of those detained is the editor-in -chief of (DIHA),the daily correspondents from IMC TV and Dicle News Agency.
Alsi Edrogan has faced preliminary charges of being a”member of terrorist organization” as well as being involved in ” undermining national unity”. These acts of attack, once again, on the press and intellectuals has met with criticism from the main ‘Republican People’s Party’ (CHP) and the opposition ‘People’s Democratic Party (HDP).
Journalists through out Turkey have also spoken out against what is happening. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). the Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS) and DISK Basin-Is, the press workers’ union of Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions(DISK), stepped up and voiced their opposition to the shut down of the newspaper and the detention of fellow journalists as well as intellectuals. Does President Erdogan believe that the arrest of Asli Erdogan would help Cosmopolitan Turkey? How would this help Democracy in Turkey if ‘fundamentalism’ steps in? When ‘ fundamentalism steps in where does that lead to? Does President Erdogan really believe that Asli Erdrogan is an enemy of Turkey or even a threat to the world?
What will the Greek Government and European Governments do on Human rights issues that affect women and children? Will these people coming to save their lives from war torn countries be willing to comply the laws of our land or will we be bowing down to their laws?
With events of Turkey in recent weeks stirring concern, we have noticed that there is a new problem that has come to surface. The refugee problem is a problem that has been equally intensifying, as all the other problems mentioned so far. This problem however is highly significant where clear policies should be supported by laws that have formulated to be up held in our societies. Is this an ‘ Ethical Crisis’ that we are facing? We would need to ask : ‘How ‘accommodating’ will we be on ‘touching issues’ such as women and child protection? How will’ these refugees seeking asylum in our societies be willing to respect women and children’s rights and protection?
The displaced people as refugees highlight the ethical issues of child brides in Europe.
The ethics behind permitting children to marry adults is an issue that is ‘rocking the foundations’ of Europe. As we sit and watch history unfold us before our eyes on human rights issues, we expression our opinion. What are our politicians going to do? Will the European politicians choose to stand on ethics or would they want get in to power by any means even if it is to support such issues as child marriage, all for the vote? As for the EU and Brussels who are not challenged with the ‘vote issue’ will they pass a decree permitting child marraiages? This issue will divide or unite Europeans.
‘The Weekend Australian’ newspaper published an article on 21st August presenting this issue after having come across it in ‘The Sunday Times’. Germany faces the problem with refugees as they discover an “influx of migrant child brides.” The article addresses the problem of providing shelter, food and security for all refugees. However, if they come across a ‘child bride’ who is pregnant, the dilemma of the problem can not be ignored. the question is :Will German authorities accept the betrothal of someone who could not legally wed in Germany or would they not accept the arrangement?
On the one hand, the custom common in cultures of the people who are now refugees wanting to live in Europe after having escaped their war torn home lands is an issue that they did not think of when they came to Europe. On the other hand, the ‘welcome policy’ of Chancellor Angela Merkel last year has put Germany in the difficult position of trying to settle 1.2 million migrants , most of whom are Muslims, into their society that has different values. How will this be handled by the Chancellor and the German people as time rolls on? Should religions be accepted in Europe that respect Human Rights, women’s rights and child protection?
German authorities at an intial stage of solving the problem prompted to allow a guardian, whether they be a parent or the husband of the child, who could represent the child to decide for the child. This however has sparked off Campaigners of women’s rights groups with Monika Michell of Terre des Femmes, to protest against child marriages altogether. There has been a call for the ban of child marriages and she has collected over 100 000 signatures to make it an issue once and for all.
The recent problems have Universities and study groups focus on helping the refugees at the camps particularly children. The problem with refugees coming from strong Patriachical societies would find it hard to assimilate to the host societies in Europe. It is said that studies have shown that children leaving school and have difficulty surviving in a society where work is based on education.
Other arrangements would lead to poverty and poor health that would affect women and children. “if under aged persons-quite rightly- are not allowed to buy a beer, why should the lawmakers allow children to make such profound decisions related to marriage?” asks Eva Kuhne-Hormann. Justice Minister of the State of Hesse.
The question is will European Countries be united in protecting the rights of women and children? Would the refugees seeking asylum be willing to change their customs? Will there be Nations in Europe that would change their laws to accommodate laws on Child Marrages? Once again, will nations allowing Muslim religions to be practices be forced to comply with Human Rights, women’s rights and Child Protection?
Caution on what is religious practice should be up held in the protection of children ethically.

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