Don’t look at me now ….I am not on stage!

I am just sitting in the corner…eating my crust I have as a wage!

The Big lady in the change room… used eyeliner on my face!

The Ring Master put… colour on my lips n taught me to pace!

To prance around…with baggy clothes…shoes… a hat…like a clown!

” We found you, dressed you and fed you..” The Ring Master always said.”You have to pay for your keep..and not loaf around HEAR ME Girl… WHAT I SAID!!”

Yes, Sir!” Is what I used to always say…But alas, I think I remember… I was different, in some way!

The dark corner is my santuary of reality…the paint as I tear runs down my face!

The Crust of dry bread… fills a gap and stops the pain…AT A SNAP without trace!

How did I get here ? I often ask and say..I have got to get out of here..some way!

Others say, “They feed you, dress you, they’ve taught you a trade A CLOWN to stay!

Why do you want to leave us and be free..why go on your way? 

Don’t you know there are wild animals out there that can devour you…A young girl..defenceless…unable..who else will protect you ???”

“Yes, you are right …” I would say, but deep down inside FEAR comes with the PAIN!

So, in my corner I sit and say, I must save a bit of crust to feed my pain, in every way…!



Beautiful as you may be….gorgious the best!!

Others will grab you and enslave you..they want you as your asset!!

A commodity to be bought at a price and then  to be sold!

To held against your will …to be used… it is slavery I am told!

The same it is done with children, women and those without the fututre to foresee!!

It is done to small countries like GREECE YOU SEE!

Look into those sky blue eyes, and swim in the little girl’s sea of thoughts!!

They express the pain of A B U S E …INHUMANE Treatment and worse!

They express the bind ONE can be in …of those TROIKA Ring masters..IMF ladies with black cloaks…let you believe that feedom is a SIN!

For years they precariously prepare, manouvers in binding you under their care!

They stage incidents, conflicts and debts ofcourse…to keep you on your toes with FEAR ofcourse!

This little girl’s eyes tell a story that can only be read… by those who have been there It has been said!

So read them well .. Read them and see..when you have read them..Tell me what you see??

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