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EU Vocational Skills Week-Helsinki.

PRESS RELEASE Discover your Talent: Olga Papakyriakou chosen as Greece ambassador for European Vocational Skills Week Olga Papakyriakou postgraduate pediatric Nurse has been selected as Greece Ambassador for the 2019 European Vocational Skills Week (14-18 October). Organised by the European Commission, the Week will involve hundreds of events across the EU to highlight the benefits that Vocational Education and Training (VET) brings to  ...

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    It is wonderful when a good thing is repeated. My good friend Olga Papakyriakou has been nominated, once again to represent Greece in Brussels as the Vocation Guidance Ambassador of Greece. I am very proud of my friend. Furthermore, I would like to congratulate her on the hard work she has put in the work she does to help students and their future. Olga is promoting vocational programs instigated by the European Union for high  ...

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How have Patriotic and National Identity become ‘Dirty’ words?

      Do Patriotism and Nationalism see eye to eye?   Throughout History, we have seen Nationalism growing as nations of people of the same culture, traditions, and heritage. Like many things in our world, different versions of Nationalism have cropped up in history, healthy ones as well as unhealthy versions. The  ‘healthy’version of Nationalism that entirely focuses on the Patriotic Identity of people, is  ...

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Is the ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ here to stay?

THE REFUGEE CRISIS AS WE KNOW IT! War is Ugly! However, is there a sinister plan behind everything we are experiencing. Please correct me if I am wrong, at this stage. These people, who are part of a Humanitarian crisis caused by wars, are just being fed-no other programmes of activity nor vocational guidance is instigated-yet. Technology has advanced to the extent of monitoring and registering them through the use of a scanning device so  ...

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In Loving memory of Mum and family.

It is like opening your eyes and hearing her… and closing your eyes and seeing her… It is the pain felt after feeling all the joy you have ever felt when giving her a surprise… Remembering her smile as in the morning  as in the day you dive… running for the door with a piece of toast in your hand… rushing for the bus… then watching her stand… It is remembering the trust in you she always had.. when  ...

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Destination: Freedom!

The banks of the river determined my destination… The thought of crossing the torrent… Made me stand still in my stride… The wonder of Freedom was my fascination… Together with the values, I hold with pride! Why are people forced to flee their homelands of complication… Seeking a better world as they stride… Confronting a river bank that leads to a destination… Not knowing what would be sought on the  ...

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A Natural Disaster brings CHAOS in Indonesia.

On Sunday at about 3:12 pm a phone call from a dear friend of mine was received. At the time it was 7:12 pm in Indonesia. “We have just had an earthquake! We are at the  Malino Resort Hotel in Gili Tangara Barat near Lombok in Indonesia. An announcement of a tidal wave warning was released and they are evacuating us to the hills. It is dark and we do not know what is happening.” This was the phone call received from my good  ...

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” The only thing I could save is dignity and humanity”

Translated feature article from the KATHIMERINI Newspaper.   ” I look for a relative and friend, then I relieve families of the agony they go through. I allow them to morn and honor the deceased.” Written in Greek by George Terzis translated by Debbie Papadakis. Volunteer Rescue workers are ‘unique’ individuals. These people have a high sense of responsibility, with a high sense of respect for their team and,  ...

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The Dove overlooking the Acropolis.

  Ahh! The Dove overlooking the Acropolis, Is, indeed, a good sign. As I quietly watch it with a sigh. Knowing what Greece has gone through and is still going through as it seems, The future is bound to be good as Nature deems. With this Dove there is hope, For more than we have to persevere with and cope. Knowing we are doing our best to survive, Is the sign read with this Dove on our side. So read those signs and dream your dreams, Of  ...

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“Fake News V’s Raw Facts”

  Monday 23rd July 2018, was a pivoting moment when I was having an interesting discussion on Global Political issues and the Diplomacy, with a Diplomat in Athens. I do not wish to reveal my sources, however, mentioned that I would want to write about things. He saw that I was on edge. I asked him,” How do you see the course of events in the immediate future for Greece?” He sat back cringed and said:” Difficult. Things  ...