What is a racist?
Most people are accused of being racist throughout Europe, America and even Australia. The issue has been raised as each day we see more and more people coming to our shores. Many of these people might be like us. That is, that they are orientated by humane values as well as being family orientated wanting the best for their children. However, there are those that are ‘different’. They are different in their perception of social values, customs, traditions, and creed. It is not to be judged, nevertheless, these differences are marked through their course in life they undertake. Their ways are based on philosophy (Religion), (Radicalism),(Politics) and even life experiences. Usually, the identity of a person plays a significant role. How they see themselves in the environment they live in, determines the course of their life. If they disagree with us they tend to live in isolation or tight-knit community groups. The future of these community groups depends on how assimilated they become in the mainstream community of the Nation, sharing the same perspective of life and values.  If we disagree with them about the lifestyle they have which could clash with our values, that is when agree to differ or choose the show we differ. Who is the racist then?
The truth is, with the mass migration that we are experiencing these past 10- 15 years has taken societies by surprise more so now than in the recent past. Our societies have, in a way accepted people who were grateful for obtaining shelter, food and medical attention. This has given the ‘newcomers’, the opportunity of furthering their education. They have ceased a second chance at a new-unexplored life by helping them to live life without war, death, and destruction. In short, come to think of it, without war, I do not think they would have come. They would have preferred to stay in their country, in their cites, on their farms and working and living their lives as their ancestors had. What happens when heritage is erased, and families are dismantled. Then, things get ugly.
“Spoilt apples ruin the lot.”
There are also people who have migrated over, under very difficult conditions, that had played a very important role in the values they have-right from their upbringing to the choices they have made in surviving. These conditions of the way they choose to live have come into conflict with laws of the land in societies of different Nations. Usually, ‘the spoilt apples ruin the rest of the apples’, in any Hot Spot situation. Which now brings us to what was the real cause of so many displaced people? The immediate answer to this question is of course war. In some cases, it has even been climate change that has caused famine in regions. These immigrants usually travel in small family groups or as individuals hoping to seek work. They are economic immigrants.  In other countries, civil war has caused such mayhem that others follow the refugee asylum seeker. How these civil wars are caused is another story. The film: ‘Blood Diamonds’ shows that well. There are those as well that teams of young men seeking the ‘western lifestyle’. Strangely enough, there have been many unescorted teenagers as well. This information can be broken down to further understand the issues at hand. Usually, in civil war situations prisons are opened and individuals leave seeking a better future. This better future is sought elsewhere under questionable circumstances. However, looking at the roots of the problem is necessary. That is done in history and the victors write that history.
Industrialization developed an appitite.
Ever since we can remember, we have seen the ugly face of war in Europe in WW1 and WW2. That was when mechanics and technology were tested through the use of Ideologies that governed societies based on their needs and beliefs. We have also been taught in History that since the Industrial Revolution with the growth of business and the manufacturing industry, developed the need for industrialized countries to seek resources. Since the 1800’s these industrialized nations became powerful with advanced armaments that armed armies. The power game was established, in the form of colonization creating a rigid class system of economics and diplomacy This class system used diplomacy that involved traded and attained resources to fuel their industries. This later brought added wealth and helped people acquire a changing lifestyle that focused on consumerism. Thus, soon enough created a longlasting class system that was distinctly separated from the working and agricultural peasant farmers. These Industrialists together with economic institutions developed by the wealthy in the form of Banks held the reins by enticing politicians of different smaller nations with diplomatic agreements for trade in exchange for raw resources creating generations of politicians that brought new ideas and development to these nations.
How to bring the politicians into the game.
These new generation politicians also belonged to political parties. These political parties followed a number of different doctrines and manifestos on a variety of rights. these rights were necessary for a society but were used to ‘fool’ the people in believing that their representation in parliament acted on their behalf. Each time laws and politics acted to serve the interests of their country or nation. Naturally, the vote in a “democratic” society was vital as it created armies of voters behind political parties. This urged the average-Joe to vote for the same politicians for a better future.  In exchange for this ever sought-after-vote, a position in the public service to help the deals in diplomacy, economics, and trade to flow smoothly was given to the average Joe. By the end of WW2, the Industrialized now Powerful Nations saw oil on the horizon. That is when they applied Diplomacy in trade and the acquisition of resources began. We saw Palestine turn into beautiful as Switzerland entering a more westernized lifestyle as well as seeing other nations throughout the Middle East and Mesopotamiadth gained from the exploitation of Petroleum oil. But why had they become westernized, what changed them in their 10 0000-year-old heritage and traditions, to chopping and changing their ways?
The Middle East began to change as the politicians in their country together with the government departments and civil service became more well off. Once again, the larger nations had seen interests in the Middle East. It is was vividly seen when crops went bad when black stuff would inhibit the growth of crops in the fields. This ‘black stuff’ was OIL. Israel was born in 1946 which later led to a number of conflicts with the entire Arab world throughout the 50’s and 60’s. The USA and USSR had entered a cold war period which had military groups supported by the opposition or the governing parties in waging wars against the USSR such as Afghanistan and Iraq. For 70 years the Middle East military groups ‘called freedom fighters’ were handsomely lavished with guns money and an ideological purpose. It was against Communism. The NATO agreement and the support of the Freedom fighters had the USA playing a vital role in the Middle East. Diplomacy handled some Arab nations but what was really sought were the ransacking of 5 Nations, all for resources and petrol dollars.
WARS rubbed 5 nations off the map.
This brings us to the period of the 1991 Afghanistan war and 2003 the Iraqi War. What really happened is that all the wars caused the family units to be destroyed. The war forced orphaned children to be brought up in military camps as their parents were killed and homes were destroyed. The destruction of the family unit erased all senses of security and even identity in the children. In these countries, monuments and museums together with libraries were destroyed which led to the massive displacement of people. For many years the did not leave, however, time changes situations and values. For 30 years generations of children grew up in the military camps for survival, under lawless situations. Fundamentalism set in. Fundamentalism had set in to do what it has been doing best-waging war with the use of a Religion. Now, come to think of it, was it really necessary to ruin these countries for the mighty petrol dollar?
Mass migration brings people into conflict.
Now, everywhere people are concerned. The issue of racism has been coined as well as conflicting cultures. People have started to lose the security of their borders. On the other hand, many people have extended their desire to help these refugees and illegal immigrants by providing them with the opportunity to help them to relocate and get a second start. But how successful has that been? The question is, have they been able to assimilate into the new societies or have they brought with them their life experiences makes adjusting difficult?  Europe is experiencing conditions not lived since WW2 with civil offenses against civilians, children, and women. What is disturbing is that a great number of young men are pouring in. Some people think they can slide into Europe and then reorganize into Guerilla fighters. When rape offenses occur by an illegal immigrant or even refugees it is hard to understand by some people that there are criminal elements, as well as fundamentalist. Still, it can be said once agin, that in any chaotic situation there are those that win, and it is never the common people.
Let us the future see, to handle the situation that is to be.

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