Animal abuse by law is illegal in Greece.

The law against animal cruelty in Greece is quite clear. If anyone ill-treats a domestic of work animal, the incident must be reported. The Police and Municipal Authorities will take action.

Thugs on Santorini ignore such laws.

SANTORINI is a well known as a tourist island. In fact, it has the most beautiful scenic views that attract people from all corners of the world. Where money floods into a small community of an island, the people change. It transforms some people into egocentric, donkey- whipping, woman-bashing, money- hungry thugs. Such people deserve to be thrown in jail.

Women and teen protestors hospitalized.

Women and teenagers on the island have resorted to protest. First, they went to the local police on the island, to complain about the ill-treatment of the donkeys used by their owners. The police said that they could not do anything about it. The Police did not follow the protocol of arresting the donkey owners. They also did not enforce the existing laws of animal abuse. While these women and children were protesting, two ‘Jock”-like looking thugs came up from behind these women. These brutes began to slap them around almost throwing a woman over the cliff.  As a result, they were almost killed and ended up in hospital.

Does money determine the values we hold?

Unlike most Greeks, people on Santorini strut with an added confidence due to that steady flow of cash. They have a different mentality.  Normally, donkeys do not carry more than 50kg but in Santorini, they are forced to carry 60-90 kg. If the owners were poorer agricultural farmers, they would have respected their animals their work animals. Not only are they work companions, but they are lifesavers with the work they do. Many people appreciate them. It looks as if money controls the ethics of certain people.

Should Santorini be boycotted?

After such treatment of the donkeys and the women and young teenagers that protested, I do not think that SANTORINI needs tourism. They should evaluate and assess their values before they accommodate visitors.

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