POEM: “Levidi the pulse of the Mountains..the heart of Greece!”~Debbie Papadakis.

                                    Levidi, Perched high on the mountains

                                                           In the Peloponese…

                            Is nothing like anything you have ever seen!


The place where the 1821 Revolution was born…

Where people from near by town ..

To stand together they had sworn!

In agreement with all the towns of the land..

They selected a day…

to rebel to send a message across the land!

They started from here, on the 23rd ..

Then whole of Greece was against,

The occupying Ottoman Turks!

By the 25th the terrain had cradled the Greeks

In the forest pines…

The thick forest with trees, like those found in the Alpine!

The thick branches and trunks of the trees

Where the shields that covered the rebels

Well hidden  not seen!

With a climate not damp at all..

With oxygen that lifts the spirit…

liberating thoughts!

Monuments now stand..

For all to see..

 How they survived and now are free!

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