Embracing the Elms of Levidi to feel fine!


These past 3 years, I have travelled to many parts of Greece; not as a tourist on excursions, for that would have been a luxury; however I did travel because of work and enjoyed every moment.


Having lived on an island for the past 20 years had me value the islands of the Aegeion Sea. I saw them all as jewels of Greece; with character and individuality. Some islands were bear, with rocky inhospitable land form but crystal clear waters wher the locals lived off the land in small farms and many others fished. In deed, having to live on an island is a challenge. Some islands have tall mountains that seem to have grown out of the sea; the sun light and nature created at these places are unique.


Since my arrival to Athens, I have discovered the rest of Greece. I have been to the North and was absorbed by the beauty of the land form and trees. I had not visited Peleponisos. You might ask:”What connects you with parts of  Greece?” To such a question I wouls say: “It is the people! In deed, it would also be Nature.”


So naturally I made my way back to Levidi in a recent trip to see the place agian. I was absorbed by the differnt climate. It was less humid and the oxygen generated in the atmosphere with so many trees was uplifting. I had to hug a tree.To some people it would seem a little crazy; call it a connection, a promise to this world. What I mean by this is that in recent years I have been absorbed by nature and the importance of us respecting our world. 


So, walked up to the forest of Levidi and walked as far as I could. I took in a deep breath and absorbed the aromas of wood and pine. I then hugged the tree, feeling it’s strength rooted beneth the surface of the earth and listening the the branches dance in the breeze. I felt wonderful , feeling the energy Nature has to offer. With me, I carry with me the memory of the scent of the forest.


I feel I need to share this experience wih people to remind them that we are insignificant as existances. We need to care for our environment inorder for it to continue caring for us and the air we breathe. Call me a romantic but it is essential tha we change our ways in this crisis. For our values are in a crisis too. How do you connect with the environment?




  Poem: “Embracing the Elms of Levidi to feel fine!”~Debbie Papadakis.

Levidi, a village cradled in the Archadian mountains to be…

“It is blessed by the Saints”: they say, I can see! 


With tall Elm trees stretching to the skies, so high…

Catching the clouds…Molding floating formations of fantasy,so fine !!


Firmly rooted at the mountain slops creating a deep ever-green…

Inviting you to walk into its forest, the Elms to greet!


Walking up to a tree, you could smell the wood..

Caressing the tree, its energy to feel you would!


Only then, you would feel more to life than what you see…

The miracle of the land form, that is Greece!!


With its villages like Levidi standing with pride..

Nestled in micro climates that are unique and fine!

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