Beauty is skin deep they say.


Beauty to some exists in many different ways; a kind word ; the temprement of a person; the whole world within an individual and even the feelings generated from a person.Beauty is admiring nature, the landscape and form of the terrain.┬áBeauty is the sea that embraces you , revitalizing every fibre of your being.Beauty is you and how you want others to see you.To some Beauty is a curse…to others it is a blessing.What is beauty to you???What is Beautiful??What makes one beautiful?A number of thoughts stormed in my mind when the topic of beauty cropped up.


Sure we might think that the commercial image of beauty is the typical image expected to represent BEAUTY as BEAUTIFUL. It is some thing we strive for; we look in the mirror and say…if only my nose was a bit’t it have been better if my legs were..ohh…and as for my chest wouldn’t it have been better if …well! How satisfied are we with ourselves? How often do we accutually get up and smile to ourselves in the mirror? How often do we actually give ourselves a ‘Fair go’ and ‘lighten up’ and actually accepting ourselves as we are? It can be said that our minds and bodies are two things that often come in conflict with each other..if we let them!


Our minds might want to look, absolutely stunning according to the mold we want to cast our body in …while our bodies say ‘hey your killing m e! I am the way I am..Deal with it! ‘That is when logic sets in …with a little more information about yourself.How well do you KNOW yourself? How much do you know about the nervous system that is effected by the quality of thoughts you have about yourself and the feelings you generate in youself and for the things around you? Doesn’t that effect your behaviour? Doesn’t the way you eat and the way you carry yourself effect the way you move and even feel?


Beauty begins from within you! Balancing the way we think and taking care of our bodies brings an overall glow to your existence.THAT alone is the BEAUTY that makes one BEAUTIFUL!I wrote a poem on beauty recently in a challenge and managed to ‘spray’ an array of things that I thought were Beautiful.


I would like you to read this poem:





Beautiful are the eyes of a New Born Child.

Beautiful are the arms that hold you so tender and mild.

Beautiful is the deep blue sea.

Beautiful are the good feelings with in you and me.

Beautiful is a man with a Big big Heart.

Beautiful is the moment you feel you will never part.

Beautiful is the Mind that sees.Beautiful is a World in PEACE.

Beautiful aren’t the feelings of Greed.

Beautiful aren’t the words said with no Creed.

Beautiful aren’t the Acts that Hurt.

Beautiful aren’t the actions that belittle Human Worth.

Beauty is all around us you see.

Beauty is what we feel and want to be!

Beauty is dangerous I am told.

Beauty can hurt you as you Unfold.

Beautiful is something to some ON the surface is Seen.

Beauty exists to others only Within!


(C)DebbiePapadakis~Splash penningitout 5th July 2013.

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