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The Australia’s Ae2 submarine.

A poem about the Ae2 Australian’s pride in 1915. Indeed they will be remembered… For their leadership at the ‘Great War”. When the Navy of ‘a New Nation’… Loyally pledged its support. At a moment in time then when… ‘The Mother Country’ sounded those bells. They chimed in time to the beat of the war drum.. Beat, beat, beating off to the Dardanelles. The AE2 followed… A New  ...


Zeus International Martial Arts Academy.

      Martial Arts, is a way of life… Of the VALUES, you have and up hold! It has never been a ‘Macho~Thing’  More like a STRENGTH from WITHIN, I am told! It is a world of EXPLORATION, of the Mind… That dresses the SKILLS, all in Time.. To further encounter the BODY”s Balance and Beat… To the sound of Harmony, so complete! It opens WINDOWS, with a view… Of How life is lived, if you were to  ...

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An article and Poetry: “The wind Festival at Bondi!”

‘The Wind Festival’ held at Bondi Beach yesterday, celebrated the coming of Spring. It was wonderful to see that it brought people together from different cultures under the same banner: “Spring is here ! May the Kites fly with a cheer!” The Hellenic Lycium of Sydney together with other cultural presentations danced to the tunes of ‘Sirtaki’ being cheered with shouts of : “Opa!” from the  ...

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Two different world share common beauty!

Poetry: “Two different worlds share common beauty Hellas and The Isle of Man!” In an Evergreen land with scattered jewel- Isles far, but near… Is a whole world of wonder quite unique, I hear.. It has a great number of micro-climates where villages dwell … I have discovered, it has a fine selection of tastes and wine as well! With tall-temple-like mountains are the wonders of this land… That touch the heavens, as  ...


The Bells Sound for the future to hold!

poemPOETRY: ” The Bells Sound for the future to hold!” My jaw dropped….. feeling a chill up my spine… Listening to people …. whose motto is for Human Right to undermine… Hearing that Democracy is an institution… that should be attacked… Believing in a Law… that with Death is supported and backed!  How can they seriously support…. such notions and Creeds?  That demoralize  ...


Black Clouds of Darkness Blown in words

Poem: Black Clouds of Darkness Blown in words ~ Debbie Papadakis Clouds gathering Dark as can be… They depict the time we live in … When Wars rage smothering Peace, I can see! Horses with stomping hooves…. From a distance can be heard… A Dawn breaks…Voices word FACTS that disturb!! How can humanity not be … Humane at this AGE We are now …we see?? How HUNGRY for war are the WAR LORDS…That POUND  ...


Australia by the Ocean and Greece by the sea.

Poem: “The best of Two worlds: Australia by the ocean and Greece by the sea.”~ authored by Debbie Papadakis In a world far away from the swells of Bronte and Bondi…. At another place across the oceans and under other deep blue skies…. Lies a beach paved with sand by the sea so calm, I have come to understand… Along the coast lines of Greece, stroking the palm of my hand!   The water is calm and ohhh…So  ...


The moving sculpture in Nature’s Gallery

Poem:”The moving sculpture in Nature’s Gallery”~ Authored by Debbie Papadakis(C) Splash Penningitout. 6th August 2014. The dead silence in the atmosphere of the Night … Is rushed by the wind as if in a fight.. The Gust of wind rapidly on the Ocean’s surface rushes … The deep blue silky shimmering night sky passes… As the golden yellow rays of the Sun in glory they be.. Beaming and shining in a day  ...


How teenagers can be helped to integrate in society.

 ARTICLE: ” A word of ‘how teenagers can be helped’ to integrate in society. The response to ‘teenagers’ of  the question they often ask: “What do we do in our spare time?” was well answered by a principal of Northland College in 1959. Learning life skills  and practicing  those life skills with communication, earning an award of a job well done is important in society and  is an excellent way to  ...