Directions to be taken at times of despair.

Current mood: fear of times to come

Walking through the streets of any major city, would reveal visions of groups of young people talking , standing around and generally trying to live each day as it comes. In the morning they would line up for a meal handed out by an organization , the church or even the Municipal Council of the city,if they are sensitive enough to help the ‘Homeless’.

THEY are people, young and old, weather beaten and torn; they line up for a bowl of soup, a piece of bread and with the hope to hear a good word. During the day, they walk through alleys scanning the things that are discarted and claim to things that they can use or trade. In the evenings the meet around the a barrel of fire to wash away the hunger they feel , downing it with the contents of a bottle in a brown paper bag and warm their beaten bodies as they watch the mesmerizing flames as they flicker in the darkness of the night, aware of the dangers that might unfold .

Their story, differers from each and every face that might say it with a word…once long ago:” I was made REDUNDANT; I minimized my needs and I couldn’t pay the RENT, the only the thing I now have are these boxes and newspapers to sheild me from the morning frost; I couldn’t GET ALONG with those I loved; They couldn’t accept me for who I was; I couldn’t live upto other peoples EXPECTATIONS, school was just showed me what I didn’t know, I don’t think they had the interest in teaching me! PROMISES were made of a different life for me, if I carried out certain tasks that would provide me some thing to eat.” The streets lead to directions in life and on the way, they teach and can be a school in a very difficult way.

I truly hope that people ‘big and small’ DO look around and provide a future for these people.Programs can be implemented to ensure a better education for young people at schools , that would assure them a future in society. Education could also be provided in Council Facilities for the Homeless youth , that would give them a second chance. Companies could establish workshops or even outlets in neighbourhoods that have a high unemployment rate.

Governments can work on concessions for Companies that take inciatives in helping people with employment and training. Many things have been done and many more things many people can do, if we want to believe that we are humans with remarkable abilities! Community Work ‘in cleaning up’ or even renovating public buldings could be done. Cleaning and landscaping public areas could use people who are willing to work. Work shops and flea markets can also provide an initiative in small businesses.I do not know a thing , but I am sure those in Higher Positions could provide some solutions for the homeless.

If they asked children in schools to provide some suggestions , I am sure the chlidren would be able to think of solutions far more effectively rather than to wait until the problem some how, ‘magically’ disappears. I know things can be done by professionals , only if they want to see things being done.A poem: ‘DIRECTIONS TAKEN AT TIMES OF DESPAIR’Huddled in the corner awy from it all,I lean on myself existence and think:”Where have I gone wrong?”


Poem:Directions to be taken at times of despair.



My refuge ,a Comforting Hand on my back,


Urging me not to lose Hope ‘n’ not to Look back!


“There is a future..,” I am told , you see,”How can my youth Direct ‘n’ Guide me!”


Hunger and pain it is said,


Directs ‘n’ Guides people to Inginuity,Creativity which soothes the soul!


Seek Solutions in the light of day,Plan Directions at night that pay!


Seek assistance from those that direct you to a path,


It is never too late to begin from the Start!


Education will give the light and pave you your way,


That would provide with the cofidence and comfort ,with something to say!


Grab hold of your future ‘n’ see,


All Directions start from you , JUST seek them ,I Plea!


(c)DebbiePapadakis~Splash penningitout. 11 August 2008.  


Written at the time when the crisis first made its impact at the States!

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