The question to be asked, is directed to the people of Greece, who for the past 30 years had been fanatic supporters of the political parties, that had on a number of occasions formed governments and had served THEM, without thinking for a moment, that They would be BOUGHT and PAID to govern in a manner that could only be described as treacherous.Would you vote for a traitor?



Then again, it was strategic of the Governments to man the Public Service in such a manner, that served them like an ARMY over the years; where people where bought seeking work and where politicians assured themselves into power ; ending up as obliging political  “Yes Man” to a degree to Foreign European intentions of dynamically developing Greece ‘Troiikan-style’. In turn, these politicians in Governments together with their loyal army could not be touched, because the Unions where brought in to the game and no criticism could be felt by any of them, as one scandle ignited while another exploded over the years. To this date, past events nor the taughment ant plight our society and nation faces today, can affect their disposure.



The question is: Have they been bought , if so they should ‘cough it up’ and bring back all the money they embessled over the years, having them safely at OFF SHORE accounts and in Businesses being laudried? As for the ‘Army of To be unemployed Public Servants’ do they feel betrayed? Do they feel the urge to support this nation before it gets wiped off the map as Greece? Would being called the Greeks States of Germany wake everyone up?? Instead of thinking bitter thoughts, thinking better thoughts helps! Democratic Forums must be held in Municipalities.



In light of the current direction of things with Troika, it has been reported at an interview with Ms.ARETI SORRA on Kontra Channel on 31st May 2013, they demand a certain number of islands to be eveacuated and taken over!. The truth is bitter according to the article read on    ALFEISOPOTAMOS.P. GR  ( .



Troika has demanded the evacuation of these islands that have less than 150 inhabitants from the Greek Government. The reason for the takeover is due to the fact that they weigh against the budget set. The person who uncovered these intentions was the Minister of Navigation and of the Aegean Mr. Kostas MOUSOUROULIS when he held a speach at the The Naval Association ( Nautiliki Lesxh) of Piereus yesterday before the representatives of the Greek Naval Industry, LEAVING EVERY ONE SPEACHLESS!!


“At a meeting I had with a representative from TROIKA as a Minister, they asked us to evacuate the GREEK ISLANDS, that had up to 150 inhabitants due to the fact that they add costs and are a burden to the budget of the Nation” ,said the Minister ” I responded immediatelly by saying you are not well by saying that. We are not negotiating the islands!”


This Modern day uprooting that is demanded by the Troika will have a great number of islands vacated that include the following islands:


 A E G A I O PELAGOS:  Nisos GAUDOPOULA GAUDOS 150 inhabitants; GAIDOURONISI 3 inhabitants; THYMAINA 152 inhabitants ANTIPSARA 5 inhabitants; Kyra PANAGIA ALONNHSOU 10 inhabitants; PERISTERA 5 inhabitants;PIPERI 2 inhabitants. 


K Y K LA D E S: the historical DELOS 14 inhabitants; MAKRONISOS5 inhabitants; KATO KOUFOVISI 60 Inhabitants; HPAKLEIA 151 inhabitants.


D O D E K A NIS A: PSAIMOS 130 inhabitants; FARMAKONISI 74 inhabitants; TELENDOS 54 inhabitants; ARKIOI 54 inhabitants; LEVITHA 8 inhabitants; GYALI 10 inhabitants; SARAIA 22 inhabitants;KINAROS 2 inhabitants; ARGOSTARONISOS, DOKOS, YDRA 43 inhabitants.


E P T A N H S A: KASTOS LEFKADAS 78 inhabitants; ANTIKYTHPA 44 inhabitants; ANTIPAX 64 inhabitants.


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