If the recipe fails in the cooking ,  you would through -out the recipe not the ingredients. Nor, in the case of Greece, would you force feed a nation of people with something that can not be bitten, chewed nor digested.


It might be the full moon beaming down on me, on this warm August night, as I sit at the balcony of my home writing away on my thoughts of the situation and even trying to read a few things that would have me see, how other people see things with the state of this crisis is here in Greece. I read an interesting note written by an economist. It was interesting….very much to see how most people see things ; however here I am reading, while our government passes laws and imposes even more measures on Greece: Can’t they see that these measures will not be tolerated any longer by ten million people of this nation, this coming September?

The Mnimoniako programme is not a ‘pic-nic’ , quite the oppositite, it proposes the reconstruction of the economy by :


1.) a swift abolition to the right of technical and professional workers, retirees as well as dismanteling of national supervision overseeing rules such as working conditions and hous as well as salaries ;


2.) The privatization of natural monopolies such as raw natural resources from seeds, to water, minerals, metals and energy resources (if they were able to they would bottle air) and creating a unique ‘community’ service (away from National Control ) that would be bought for industry to exist; In other words, the raw resources and wealth of a Nation would be in the full control of the elite, not nations;


3.) The drastic change in the production base by providing services to industrial production and marketable products and services. This would mean that production would not be to service the nation but to produce products that would supply a market. Sure, it would have Industrial nations in the north with advanced production with a comfortable work force; would that mean that industry would not exist in other countires such as in the south. How would that benefit a nation?


For the first two (2) proposals I have explained why I DISAGREE but for the third proposal I have not fully anaylised nor dealt with in full research to express an opinion.


As for the Services sector: Technocrats would man this body that would manage the rate of unemployed and employed by the head according to their trade and skills, as well as their qualifications in for employment in fields. This would limit need in projecting in foreign markets and exchange at risks.


It would encourage foriegn investment opportunites in tourism, financial services, health, educaton, research/technology, transport, shipment, residental development in cities, cukture,enviromental protection with multiple benefits for the the societies and the economy of the nation


These are all elements for which the Greek economy and society have a comparative advantage competitiveness and added value and substantial scope for further development without risk of internal and external devaluation pressure and the standard of living! We are a Cutural centre; a Philosophical congress, a cross road of thought and everything that is European. These things alone would help generate such activity that would help the standard of living we would be expected to thrive in, instead of being exposed to degrading laws that starve a nation.


Indeed the promotion of research services and technology, creative and conditions product substitution and inputs must be currently are input only from abroad! 


It is obvious that I would disagree with this proposal of ‘economic disaster’, simply due to the fact that it does not provide growth nor does it make us co-opetative. It just expose us to risk of internal and external devaluation and austerity!

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