The birth place of any individual, is absorbed as it is experienced by the senses: it can be expressed with words that describe the course of experiences, in order to give a clear picture of what can be seen; it can be described with the taste of aromas absorbed allowing a vibrant burst of expression to tantalise the imagination .   Further more, along this time passage of one’s existence of ‘home’ , there are the sounds heard, of course, bringing the icon of a country to life, as it is done in the lyrics of songs sung by bands like ‘Midnight -Oil’ and ‘Men at Work’: Living icons of Australian bands of back then. In time these sounds are further marked embracing the exploding talent of synthesised music, multiclutral energy of Dance and harmonious power projecting waves that echo from the turbulant shores of Sydney carried, as if on a Tidal wave over the oceans, and even further  across the continents to return back to it’s sores again as waves, in ripples and harmony- a gratutude felt for having grown in such a fine home land. “The land  Down Under, where women glow and men plunder!” Australia is a vast, abundant, diverse, unique and very challenging. The Dutch in 1600’s first called it, ‘Van Dieman’s Land.” Certainly, a land of plenty! Australia is worth experiencing -It is nothing like any place on this planet- it is simply………Deadly Beautiful!


When asked to write about Australia, I felt honoured because at a wink of an eye, I found myself there- refreshing my memory of the experience that is AUSRALIA. Being’ outdoorzies’ , would easily enable me to take you on a ‘mind  trip’, to picture this vast continental island – far larger than the European continent and a little smaller than China itself. Picture and feel, the fresh, crisp Pacific Ocean- stroked-East coast with the Great Dividing Mountain Ranges,to the fried red-orange palleted Sun-set coast of the West near the desert basin baking at 45oC; then venturing to the cool, deep green lush forests of the South, before trekking off to the steaming tropical rain-forest swamp-area of the North; then diving in the Great Barrier Reef, winessing the display of Nature’s Treasures to be respected and kept, as they are. It  is massive, to say the least!


 Australia as a country  that has existed as a  land; cradeling danger, as well as the extreamities -Abundancy V’s Scarsity-. It’s coast line reveals hidden tranquil coves and bays as well as endless long, wave-roaring sandy beaches. Each destination is seen as uniquely beautiful with rare vegitation and bushland. These places are an ‘ Odessy’ to experience but are commonly done on ‘walk abouts’ as the Australian Aboriginese did- and talked about in their ‘dreamTimes by the elders. Where the experience alone does help one to see what  they are capable of ; it surely helps the growing process; forcing you to absorb and think in order to survive surely , truly unforgetable. As for the wild life, it is far different: There are the b e a u t i f u l : the golden crest cocatoos, the rozellas, the cookaburras. The s t r a n g e: the large reptiles -the blue tongue lizards, the frilled lizards of the out back, the goannas of the bush and lush forests. The c u t e; the mammals , such as the platapus, the kangaroo, wombats  and of course the d e a d l y hidden creatures that out number any venimous animals any where on earth. You surely do learn to ‘be on your toes’  when camping, because action is the best reaction for  survival in bushlands and by the ocean, at any rate.


It is funny, the more I think , the more I want to write! However, I will try and be ‘reader friendly’  and contain the information to ‘bite-size’ full of flavour portions that can be digested.As for the people, you people here in Greece would call us: Unrealas in strangly ‘not real’because you can not possibly understand the out going, the unusually happy attitude we might have,but then again, people everywhere are different and are influenced by their experiences. However, True-Blue Dinkum-Die Aussies are straight foreward and friendly. They speak and express what is on their mind and have a strange confidence; they are risk takers and have a sense of  humour that irons-out weaknesses. Australians would say: ‘when the going gets tough,the tough get going! They  can be ridgid and rugged, as well as vibrant and serine, very much like the place they come from.


The cities are modern and well embroided as scenes with magnificent architecturally designed sky-scrapers and land-scaped park areas: functional ith all the necessary services and administration facilities any  modern city can boast in having.

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