When it comes to medical issues, people listen!


Many have said : “Not much is on the news…” Here in Greece too much is on the news that has people ‘jumping’ and the government is still at ease! Austerity is being enforced and people are in awe of the whole situation, in previous reports many people have had their lives changed and have had it hard for 4 years now in this ‘experimental’ economic crisis of ‘how much austerity can be handled’. To others, back home, what ever is on the news, is always reported to be far away and not part of everyday life affecting them. The same was applied here in Greece for a number of years, as I can remember.


As a people around the world, we have been conditioned into looking into politics as to what they represent but not for what they really are. This might be the reason because for years, we have been conditioned to ignore real issues, believing that potitical leaders have the answers to implementing policies, that would benefit people in society and help a Nation to stand! Alas, people feel that they have been betrayed by parties, leaders and political organisations. What do they really want in ruling a nation of people, for whom? Are Governments brought in power, by the people for the people, or are they brought into power by the people for the benefit of the Institutions of political and economic power of the  elite?


These past couple of days on the world wide web of civil communication something new has come into the light of what is news!


A Young man of the ‘Inspiring Generation -Not lost’ , Stelios Kymboumopoulos 28  to be in a few days on the 16th July 2013, does not want a birthday to be celebrated with a dinner and fine wine on the shores of the sea at a restaurant, however is calling for people to gather holding a lit candle, at the Unknown Soldier Statue before the Greek house of Parliament at Constitutional Square, at 8pm on 16/07/13, demanding a ‘New day’ to be dawned for Greece that is ‘clinically dead!’  He has announced for people not to come with banners of the past: but with issues and topics  to be discussed at an open Democratic Forum, as it had always been done since Ancient times. who is he?


Stelios, is a specialised Psychiatrist with post graduate studies in his field; he is a researcher, and by all means a supporter of Human Rights, as well as a person with severe kineic disabilities. He does not belong to a political organisation nor a political party, however be believes in the strength of the social network and uses that to communicate a final message- a message of hope. Personally, I wonder who the disabled are those with disabilties of the soul-psyche, or those with physical disabilities? 


He has dreams and believes he can achieve many more things in life, further more, he might not have the answers to many questions, however he knows that in a short period of time he too would not be able to do anything, due to the situation of things “A Person without dreams is not a person at all!” he says. 


Austerity, has annihilated people’s hope for a future! “A person without dreams: a person without hope, a person without a tomorrow, does not live!” Well, this is what is happening! In the light of things, yet more suicides of men and in particular women have occurred, mothers with children. Now, this is rare in all aspects of psychiatric study of the profile of suicide victims. Is the government concerned? I wouldn’t know, but this young man is concerned and so is a Nation of people in Greece and other countries, such as Portugual, Spain, Italy and France,  I would say!


He further adds in his statement that he would like to live in Greece , a country that has values ..in a country that can rely on its foundations and abilities. He descibes the situation by saying ” It is irrelevant if we do eat one day in these times of hunger, while many others eat crumbs or are provided for by charities supported by people with big hearts… soon we will all reach that stage at this rate!”



The young psychiatrist’s call for the people to gather, is in the light of how people live now, here in Greece .”Todays measure imposed by the government of this nation, will not matter if we work an extra day, particularly when 27% or our citizens do not have work at all; as for those that do work , what they earn would not be enough to survive on. These conditions bring to light the question : Why is this happening? Why have we left our lives to be led in a nation without a driver, without services, without an aroma in life! ”


Past practises in polical elections, were always done in the hope of seeing a just political system to function, in a nation through voting political parties. In reality , past governments had not taken into account in building a society for everyone: a society based on education of the sciences; based on research; building a society that treasures the natural beauty of Greece and utilizing the resources we posses as a nation. Quite the opposite has occurred: politcal scandles of embesselment, curruption and ‘scam’ dealings that  have enslaved a nation to the IMF, is what has actually occured. 



In his statement, he believes that there is “a thread of hope for life, as long as we still live in a Greece of real democracy ; in a  country of freedom, real education  to make that difference if we strive for it before the young people  of this nation are forced to emigrate, seeking a better future else where. With  the demographic rate of births in Greece having fallen, he believes that Greece  will become extinct.” Like many people in the cities, I  too have been concerned these past coupe of months; many are concerned that Greece is being destroyed and simple living is becoming more than a challenge. Stelio adds, “I, no longer want to see the blood sucked out of people , I want to live!”


He is calling for people to gather holding a candle for a better tomorrow. The people that are to come should express ideas and ways of solving this crisis we are living in ; no banners of the past such as  “Down with the Government.” only statements with meaning will be put forward in an open Democratic forum of discussion. It shall not turn into a festive procession with souvliaka stands and grilled cobs of corn. “Progress will not occure with digestion interferring; it will only occure with the power of thought and the will of the soul.” In other words no change has occured with a ‘scewer stick of grilled meat’, however many changes have occurred with ‘the sword of insight’ and deep thought and through the soul and spirit of the Greek people he finishes his statement by saying ” I will be there to win back the rght to live as a citizen striving for a better life!.”


The past 20 days we have had a number of demonstrations held in suburbs of Athens; a number of cultural events with people of all walks of life banning together and gathering food and medicine for the unemployed and for those that are desperately struggling to survive. Help has arrived from far away places such as Australia, by sending represetatives over and literally purchasing items for charity as it has been done, for the charity organisation for children the ‘Hamogelou tou Paidiou’ by the Hellenic Lyceum of Sydney and the Hellenic Women of Sydney. Now in ‘crunch time’ with even more deligations and negotations being held by our government, troika and the IMF, the people are saying ENOUGH Is ENOUGH!





Σας αφήνω με στοίχους από το ποίημα «Αν θέλεις να λέγεσαι άνθρωπος» του Τάσου Λειβαδίτη και με την ελπίδα να είμαστε μια δύναμη εκείνο το βράδυ!

Αν θέλεις να λέγεσαι άνθρωπος

 δεν θα πάψεις ούτε στιγμή ν΄αγωνίζεσαι για την ειρήνη καιγια το δίκαιο.

 Θα βγείς στους δρόμους, θα φωνάξεις,

τα χείλια σου θαματώσουν απ΄τις φωνές […]

Αν θέλεις να λέγεσαι άνθρωπος

 μπορεί να χρειαστεί ν΄αφήσεις τη μάνα σου,

την αγαπημένηή το παιδί σου.

 Δε θα διστάσεις.

 Θ΄ απαρνηθείς τη λάμπα σου και το ψωμί σου

 Θ΄ απαρνηθείς τη βραδινή ξεκούραση στο σπιτικό κατώ

φλιγια τον τραχύ δρόμο που πάει στο αύριο.

 Μπροστά σε τίποτα δε θα δειλιάσεις κι ούτε θα φοβηθείς.

 Το ξέρω, είναι όμορφο ν΄ ακούς

μια φυσαρμόνικα το βράδυ,

 να κοιτάς έν΄ άστρο, να ονειρεύεσαιείναι όμορφο

σκυμένος πάνω απ΄ το κόκκινο στόμα της αγάπης σου […]

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