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September 2014

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An article and Poetry: “The wind Festival at Bondi!”

‘The Wind Festival’ held at Bondi Beach yesterday, celebrated the coming of Spring. It was wonderful to see that it brought people together from different cultures under the same banner: “Spring is here ! May the Kites fly with a cheer!” The Hellenic Lycium of Sydney together with other cultural presentations danced to the tunes of ‘Sirtaki’ being cheered with shouts of : “Opa!” from the  ...

Poems, Stories

Two different world share common beauty!

Poetry: “Two different worlds share common beauty Hellas and The Isle of Man!” In an Evergreen land with scattered jewel- Isles far, but near… Is a whole world of wonder quite unique, I hear.. It has a great number of micro-climates where villages dwell … I have discovered, it has a fine selection of tastes and wine as well! With tall-temple-like mountains are the wonders of this land… That touch the heavens, as  ...