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July 17, 2014


Vytina a village of Archadia in Greece.

Poem: “Vytina a village of Archadia”~Debbie Papadakis. Vytina a Village a ‘ VITRINE’ in Archadia… Which has traditional stone-built buildings,¬† With heavy wooded window panes … Narrow-winding streets that catch the light, my dear!.. The heavy wood-aromas in the air… Of pine and elm forests¬†oh so near, Bees hovering also fly by.. As the Honey from the honey comb drips on the pine! Where farmers in  ...


Embracing the Elms of Levidi!

Embracing the Elms of Levidi to feel fine!   These past 3 years, I have travelled to many parts of Greece; not as a tourist on excursions, for that would have been a luxury; however I did travel because of work and enjoyed every moment.   Having lived on an island for the past 20 years had me value the islands of the Aegeion Sea. I saw them all as jewels of Greece; with character and individuality. Some islands were bear, with  ...