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July 2014


Poem: Strawberry moon Way high above

Poetry: “Strawberry moon…”~Debbie Papadakis Strawberry Moon … Way high above…… You seem so ‘Surreal’…. Am I in Love? You prance by me …. After having admired the Sun… From the Dawning Morn ‘n’into the day.. Admiring its reflection on the sea in every way! I thought I ‘ve seen it all… Until you came out.. Leaving me in Awe…”Speechless!”  ...


Bronte at the break of Dawn!

Bronte beach at the break of Dawn…   Waves, thunder-clapping on the shores… As the wind blows, the ocean roars!   Respect the Ocean ,when you see… Its manic temper, with the wind it can be!   It is only water… Gentle it be…. As a droplet of dew on , a leaf of a tree!   When in the Ocean, that droplet falls… It turns into a Might , that thunders and roars!   As the Wind, from Bronte Cliff swoop down to  ...


The Southerlies in July of Bronte and Bondi!

Poem: The Southerlies in July of Bronte and Bondi!”~Debbie Papadakis. When the Southerlies blow … The waves rage high … Standing against the cliffs of Bronte and Bondi ! Oh !! man, Ohh man, What power ..a mesmerizing sight.. Are the forces of the Ocean…and what those waves want, no one can deny! To some these waves provoke fear… Of the  turbulance hearing them roar … To others a challenge to greet with a  ...


Working for a living… austerity denies!

Poem: ” Working for a living… austerity denies!”~Debbie Papadakis. The youth have a voice and that voice carries a dream… For changes to be seen… Before things go right down the drain… We all have dignity to retain! ‘Working conditions’ are the far out-cry… Work and employment to be seen.. Part-Time work is only to be found… With salaries of 180 euros that in anger let you fry! As  ...


Poem: “Whispered words of a Poet”

Poem: “Whispered words of a Poet”~Debbie Papadakis. Words woven … With feeling and soul…. Are never forgotten… I have been told!   They are kept like a lantern… Lit to light… the pathways of Life…. They never weather… In time as we might!   Through a Poem ‘s light…. Words shine and beam… Allowing colors to dance… With elegance and  ease !   As they are cradled  ...


Poem: The Dignity of a Woman

Poem: “The Dignity of a Woman”~Debbie Papadakis. She strutted as she walked away…. from a situation that was complicated in every way…. The rain poured however it did not bother her in any way… With that look in her eye… She didn’t seem to feel … That she would miss  anything and would  want it with Zeal…. In fact she felt trenched with it all… Being used and abused… It  took  ...


The Earth can cater for every one’s needs.. not Greed

Poem: “The Planet Earth can cater for every one’s needs…not Greed!”   So you think you can have it all… Not caring of the damaged caused.. So you think you have a war to wage… Killing people and the environment in every way! So you think you can get more than you need… Not measuring but grabbing with greed… So you think  you can take it all… Killing wild life your way to pave!! Wake  ...


Vytina a village of Archadia in Greece.

Poem: “Vytina a village of Archadia”~Debbie Papadakis. Vytina a Village a ‘ VITRINE’ in Archadia… Which has traditional stone-built buildings,  With heavy wooded window panes … Narrow-winding streets that catch the light, my dear!.. The heavy wood-aromas in the air… Of pine and elm forests oh so near, Bees hovering also fly by.. As the Honey from the honey comb drips on the pine! Where farmers in  ...


Embracing the Elms of Levidi!

Embracing the Elms of Levidi to feel fine!   These past 3 years, I have travelled to many parts of Greece; not as a tourist on excursions, for that would have been a luxury; however I did travel because of work and enjoyed every moment.   Having lived on an island for the past 20 years had me value the islands of the Aegeion Sea. I saw them all as jewels of Greece; with character and individuality. Some islands were bear, with  ...