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August 2013


Article: Memorantum Vs Humanity~Debbie Papadakis

If the recipe fails in the cooking ,  you would through -out the recipe not the ingredients. Nor, in the case of Greece, would you force feed a nation of people with something that can not be bitten, chewed nor digested.   It might be the full moon beaming down on me, on this warm August night, as I sit at the balcony of my home writing away on my thoughts of the situation and even trying to read a few things that would have me see, how  ...

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ARTICLE-POEM: R. I. P “White Dove”… The T R A G I C DEATH OF THE 19 year old . ~Debbie Papadakis.

The T R A G I C DEATH OF THE 19 year old ; the Vultures that are flying over GREECE and its people ….and more is to be seen in SEPTEMBER, MORE yet to come!     ETHICAL SOLUTIONS are demanded to be implemented by political and economic Institutions !! NO MORE UNEMPLOYMENT -NO MORE DEATHS!!!!!!     This 19 year olds young man’s death, is indeed any thing else but tragic!!! Trying to stop a teenager from fleeing  ...


ARTICLE:” DOUBLE BARREL SHOT GUNS as a last resort v’s BANK FORECLOSURES! “~Debbie Papadakis

Thursday , 8th August  2013. Greece reaches the final -count down, as Troikan of the EU and our ‘lofty Greek politicians’ that try to impose conditions on a society never before experienced in modern times of the 21st century. In the name of  Civil-Humanity and social justice, the past governments that have indebted Greece to such an extent that has driven a nation into proverty and now forcing it to take law in its own hands,  ...


ARTICLE:Greeks are saying,”Should I STAY or should I GO? The immigration dilemma!!”~Debbie Papadakis

It is extraordinary how a population of people react to the Stingent-Austerity-Measures imposed on a Nation such as Greece, suffering record-breaking unemployment; ludicrous salary cuts in the public sector these past 4 years, allowing the work force to suffer belittlement that can not be compared to any other nation’s work force. With in these years of Ecomonic recession, we have seen Industrial Plants close and relocate to  ...